Speak The Truth

7.9K 56 46

Author: Twoony

Chapters: 68


Rating: 10/10


Some enemies start out as friends. Some friends start out as enemies. Some lovers start out as an evil nemesis from the fiery pits of hell. Aron hates Quinton more than any person on this planet. Quinton hates Aron with an indescribable passion, but their hate turns to something else as years go by leading them into a new and unknown territory that neither boy is sure if they are ready for.


I love this book so much. Aron and Quintin express their feelings in their own strange way, which I adore. This is such a great story.

Question: Do you believe in parallel universes?

Song: Like Ships In The Night by Mat Kearney


By the way, for all of those that only saw an f, I'm sorry about that. Wattpad was being weird.   

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