I Love You, Stupid

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Author: xLissyx

Chapters: 40


Rating: 10/10


Luke Peterson has always been in love with his best friend Taylor Schofield. After coming out about being gay, Luke sees small changes in Taylor's behavior, though Taylor denies feeling any different about his best friend. What starts as a struggle to keep his feelings at bay, turns into a battle to keep his best friend from drifting apart. With a desperate attempt to make Taylor understand, Luke finds himself screwing things up even more. Then, when a new guy enters the picture, Luke finds himself even more confused as he's torn between who to let go. In the end, who will Luke choose and will it be the best choice?


I read this a long time ago so I don't really remember much BUT I do remember loving this story. So read it. Just do it.

Fact numero nueve: There's a book titled 'Everything Men Know About Women' that has over 100 blank pages.

Song: Bittersweet by Archis


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