Where Am I?

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Author: dontgetyourhopesupp

Chapters: 27


Rating: 9/10


Dawson has had it rough. Not as bad as some, worse than others. He lives in constant secret, heart ache and pain. After his parents died he under went a transformation, rendering him unrecognizable. After three years of pain, cutting, and one suicide attempt, he returns to his hometown. As Dawson hides his identity, it will become harder and harder to seal away the truth when faces from the past start revealing themselves, including his gorgeous ex best friend Alec. Only Dawson isn't the only one with secrets and when a lie reaches Dawson's ears, it will take all he has in him to protect the one thing he has left. Himself. Dealing with depression is hard, and Dawson will have to learn it's not something that can be handled alone. He'll have to open up his heart once more, even if it risks him getting hurt, if he wants to achieve happiness.


This book is really sad and dark, but also realistic. The main character had gone through a lot and was just this big mess, but you could tell what type of person the character was. It was well written and the characters were real and messed up and just different. Must read. There also is a trigger warning.

Random question: Who's your celebrity crush? It can be anyone. A YouTuber, Poet, Author, Artist, Athlete, and even Albert Einstein cuz come on, his hair is pretty sexy. Jk.  It's the mustache.   8P

Song: Iodine by Icon For Hire


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