As Told by Tuck & Axel

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Author: koalak

Chapters: 59


Rating: 10/10


This is the story of Axel and Tuck: a tale of debauchery, douchbagery, felony, and plain stupidity. It is a tale written by two best friends with nothing better to do with their law degree than write the story of their anything-but-monotonus life.


This book made me feel like I was on my period by how many mood swings I had. I was mad one second, happy the next and then sometimes I didn't even know what I was feeling. Half the time I was screaming or pulling my hair out in frustration by how oblivious they were. But I still loved the book. It was very different and was well written. Like seriously just drop what your doing and go read the book. Now.

Song: Hold On To Me by Mayday Parade

Random Question: Why are you still reading this? Go read the effing book!




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