Chapter 96.

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"What did you just say?" Her jaw may as well be on the floor.

"You heard me. This is our apartment as in we both live here." I put my hands on my hips for a more dramatic effect.

"There is no way that you live here. You can't afford a place like this!" She scoffs. It's obvious that she doesn't believe me.

"Would you like to see our lease because I have a copy."

"This whole situation is even worse than I thought. I knew you were being foolish by messing around with that.. that boy. But you are just plain stupid for moving in with him! You don't even know him! You haven't met his parents, aren't you embarrassed to be seen in public with him?" She asks and my anger boils over.

Before I can stop myself I am in her face.

"How dare you come into my home and insult him! I know him better than anyone and he knows me better than you ever could! And I have actually met his family, his father at least. You want to know who is father is? He's the damn chancellor of WSU!" I scream.

I hate throwing Harry's father's title around but this is the type of thing that would jolt her.

Harry comes out of the bedroom with a worried expression. He stands beside me and tries to pull me back from my mother, just like last time.

"Oh great! Here is the man of the hour." She rolls her eyes at Harry.

"His father is not the chancellor." She half laughs.

"Yes he is. Shocked? If you weren't so busy being a judgmental bitch you could have found that out. And don't you dare try to backtrack and be friendly with him now. You don't even deserve to know him. He has been there for me in ways you never were and there is nothing.. I mean nothing! You can do to keep me away from him!" My face is red and soaked with tears but I could care less.

"You do not speak to me that way! You think just because you got yourself a fancy little apartment and put some eyeliner on that you are suddenly a woman? Honey I hate to break it to you but you look like a whore, living with someone at eighteen!"  She screams and steps closer. Harry's eyes lower at her in warning but she ignores him.

"You better end this before you lose your virtue Tessa. Just take a look in the mirror then look at him! You two look ridiculous together, you had Noah who was great for you and you threw him out for.. this!" She gestures to Harry.

"Noah has nothing to do with this." I say.

Harry's jaw clenches and I silently beg him not to say anything.

"Noah loves you and I know you love him. Now stop this rebellious charade and come with me, I will get you back into your dorm and Noah will certainly forgive you."

"You are so insane. Honestly mother, listen to yourself! I don't want to come with you, I live here with Harry and I love him. Not Noah. I care for Noah but not in that way. It was only your influence that made me think I loved him because I felt like I should. I am sorry but I love Harry and he loves me."

"Tessa! He doesn't love you, he is only going to stay around until he gets in your pants. Open your eyes little girl!"

Something about the way she just called me "little girl" sends me over the edge.

"He has already gotten into my pants and guess what! He is still around!" I shout. Harry and my mother share the same shocked expression but my mother's turns to disgust while Harry's turns to a sympathetic frown.

"I'll tell you one thing Theresa, when he breaks your heart and you have no where to go.. you better not come to me." She spits.

"Oh trust me I wouldn't. You are just mad because I have someone who actually loves me and you never have and never will. You can't control me anymore I am an adult. Just because you couldn't control dad doesn't give you the right to try to control me!" As soon as the words leave my mouth I regret them. I know bringing my father into this is low, too low. Before I can apologize, I feel her hand connect with my cheek. The shock is more painful than the assault.

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