Chapter 72.

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"Okay, now tell me who you fought with, was it Zayn?" I ask, afraid of his answer. I sit down at the end bed and he follows me, sitting towards the headboard.

"No, it wasn't Zayn. It was just a few random guys." He replies. Oh, I had assumed it was Zayn, I am relieved that it wasn't.

"Wait, a few? How many?"

"Three.. or four. I am not really sure." He laughs.

"It's not funny, why were you fighting anyway?"

"I don't know.. I was pissed that you left with Zayn and it seemed like a good idea at the time." He shrugs.

"Well it's not a good idea, and now look how busted up you are." I frown and he cocks his head to the side with a puzzled expression. "What?"

"Nothing.. come here." he says and holds his arms out to me. I move across the bed and sit in front of him, between his legs.

"I am sorry for the way I treated.. well treat you.' he says quietly into my ear. A shiver runs through my body  from his breath in my ear and his unforced apology.

"It's okay, well it's not okay. But I am going to give you one more chance." I tell him. I hope he doesn't make me regret it. I don't think I can handle anymore hot and cold from him.

"Thank you, I know I don't deserve it. But I am selfish enough to take it." he says, his mouth against my hair and wraps his arms around me. To sit with him like this feels foreign and nostalgic at the same time.

When I stay silent he turns my shoulders slightly to have me look at him. "What's wrong?" He asks.

"Nothing, I am just afraid that you will change your mind again." I admit. I want to dive into this head first, but I am afraid I will hit the bottom.

"I won't, I have never changed my mind. I just fought my feelings for you. I know you can't trust me but I want to earn your trust. I won't hurt you again." He promises and leans his forehead against mine.

"Please don't." I beg. I don't care how pathetic I sound.

"I love you, Tessa." he breathes and my heart leaps out of my chest. The words sound perfect coming off of his lips and I would do anything to be able to hear them again.

"I love you, Harry." This is the first time we have both openly said the words, I fight down my urge to panic over the idea that he may take them back again. Even if he does, I will always have the memory of how they sounded, how they made me feel.

'Say it again." He whispers and turns me around to face him. His eyes are more vulnerable than I thought possible for him as I move to my knees, between his legs. I take his face in my hands and rub my thumbs over the light stubble on his perfect face. I can tell by his expression that he needs me to say it, over and over again. I will say it as many times as I have to until he believes that he is worthy of someone loving him.

"I love you." I repeat and cover his lips with my own. He hums in appreciation as his tongue grazes gently over mine. Kissing Harry feels new and different each time, and he is like a drug that I can't get enough of. His hands press against the small of my back, bringing our chests together. My mind is telling me to take it slow, to kiss him gently and to savor each second of this gentle calm between us. But my body is telling me to grab a fist full of his hair and pull his shirt over his head. His lips travel down my jaw, and attach themselves onto my neck. That does it, I can't control myself anymore. This is us, all anger and passion and now love.

An involuntary moan escapes my lips and he groans against my neck, grabbing my waist and flipping us over so he is hovering over me. "I..have..missed you.. so much." he says in between sucking the skin on my neck. I can't keep my eyes open, it feels too good. He unzips my jacket and looks down at me with hungry eyes. He doesn't ask for my permission before tugging at the fabric, pulling my tank top up and over my head and he sucks in a sharp breath as I arch my back so he can unclasp my bra.

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