Chapter 91.

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"The lease will be in both of your names correct?" The man asks and looks at me. I get the feeling he is silently asking if I am sure about this.

"Yes." Harry answers for me and signs his name on the bottom of multiple pages before sliding the packet over to me.

I grab the pen and sign before thinking about it again. I am ready for this, we are ready for this. Yes we are young and we haven't known each other very long but I know that I love him more than anything and he loves me, as long as that is certain the rest will fall into place.

"Alright, here are your keys." The man who's name I assume is Robert because that name appears on multiple pages hands Harry and I each a set of keys and leaves.

"Well.. welcome home?" Harry says when the man leaves.

I laugh and step closer to him so he can wrap his arms around me.

"I can't believe we live here now. It still doesn't seem real." My eyes scan the living room.

"If someone would have told me I would be living with you, let alone dating you two months ago I would have either laughed in their face or punched them.. either one." He smiles and takes my face between his hands.

"Well aren't you sweet?" I tease and put my hands on his sides.

"It's a relief though, to have our own space. No more parties, no more roommates and community showers." I say.

"Our own bed." He adds with a smug smile.

"We will need to get a few things, dishes and such. Do you like the bedding in the bedroom? Everything is new but if you don't like the colors we can get a new one." He says.

"Are you feeling okay?" I touch the back of my hand to his forehead. "You're being awfully cooperative today." I smile.

"I just want to make sure you are pleased with everything here. I want you to feel at home.. with me.":

"And what about you? Do you feel at home here?" I ask him and he nods.

"Surprisingly enough, yes." He answers and looks around the room.

"We should go get my stuff, I don't have much but a few books and my clothes." I say.

"I already got it."

"What?" I ask.

"I brought all of your belongings from your room, they are in your trunk." He explains.

"How did you know I would sign? What if I hated the apartment?" I smile. I do wish I would have said goodbye to Steph and the room that I called home for three months but I am sure I will see her again soon.

"Because if you wouldn't have liked this one, I would have found one that you did." He answers confidently.

"Oh. Well what about your stuff?"

"We can get it tomorrow, I have clothes in my trunk."

"What is with that anyway?" He always has so many clothes in his car.

"I don't know really. I guess you just never know when you will need clothes." He shrugs.

"Let's go to the store and get all the shit we need for the kitchen and some food." Harry says.

"Okay." My stomach has been full of butterflies since I stepped into the apartment.

"Can I drive your car again?" I ask when we get down to the lobby.

"I don't know.." He smiles.

"You painted my car without my permission, I think I have earned the privilege." I hold out my hand and he rolls his eyes before dropping the keys in them.

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