Chapter 9.

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"Let me know if you need anything," Niall tells me. He is really a sweet guy, why does he hang out with Harry so much?

"Can you help me find Steph?" I ask him and he starts to laugh. His hand moves up into the air and he points into the next room. I hear my gasp as I spot her. She, along with two other girls are dancing on a table in the living room. A drunk guy climbs up and joins them, his hands gripping Stephs hips. I expect her to smack his hands off but she just smiles and pushes her bottom against him. Oh.

"They are just dancing Tessa," Niall smiles and gives a quick chuckle at my uneasy expression. They aren't just dancing, they are groping and grinding each other.

"Yea.. I know, " I say even though it's not as casual to me. I've never danced that way, not even with Noah, and we have been dating two years. Noah!  I feel incredibly guilty that he hasn't crossed my mind since I've arrived. When I pull my phone out I have three messages from him.

*You there Tess? *

*Hello? You okay?*

*Tessa? Should I call your mom? I am getting worried.*

I dial him as fast as my fingers will allow, praying that he hasn't called my mom yet. He doesn't answer but I text him assuring him that I am okay and please not to call my mother. She will lose it if she finds out I am at a party at a fraternity house, my first weekend of college.

"Heyyyy.. Tessa!" Steph slurs as she walks into the kitchen. Her arm wraps around mine and she leans her head on my shoulder. "You having fun at this party?" she giggles. She is obviously beyond wasted. "I think I need.. the room is starting to spend Tess.. I mean spin," she laughs and her body lurches forward.

"She is going to get sick," I tell Niall. He nods and lifts her into his arms, draping her body over his shoulders.

"Follow me," he instructs and heads upstairs. We go to a room upstairs and he opens the door, a bathroom. Of course when I needed one I couldn't find it. He places her on the floor by the toilet and she immediately begins to vomit. I look away but grab her red hair into my fist and hold it away from her head. After more vomit than I can handle, she stops and Niall hands me a towel.

"Take her to the room across the hall and lay her on the bed. She is going to need to sleep it off," he says and I nod. I can't leave her here alone, passed out. "You can stay in there too" he says, seeming to read my mind.

"Thank you," I tell him and he smiles and leaves the bathroom. I manage to get her up off the floor and help her walk across the hall, the door opens to a bedroom. My eyes immediately go to the book shelves covering one of the walls. I gently lay a groaning Steph onto the bed and walk over to the books. I scan through the titles and I am impressed by the owner of this collection, there are many classics, including all of my favorites. I grab Wuthering Heights and pull it off the shelf. It is in bad shape, the pages showing how many times it has been read.

"Why the hell are you in my room?" An angry voice booms. I know that accent by now. It's Harry.

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