Chapter 6.

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My hair is perfectly curled against my face, I push two bobby pins in, one on each side to keep my hair out of my face.

"Do you want to use some of my makeup?" Steph asks and I look in the mirror again.

My eyes always look a little too large for my face but I prefer to wear minimal makeup, I usually just put on a little mascara and lip gloss. I am pretty proud of how well I take care of my skin so why hide it if I don't need to?

"Maybe a little eyeliner? I say, still unsure.

She gives me a smile and hands me three pencils. One purple, one black and one brown. I roll them around in my fingers, deciding between the black and brown.

"The purple will look great with your  blue-gray eyes," she says and I smile but shake my head.

"Your eyes are so unique, want to trade?" she jokes.

She has beautiful green eyes, why would she want to trade with me? I take the black pencil and draw the thinnest possible line around both eyes, earning a proud smile from Steph. Her phone buzzes and she grabs her purse. "Niall's here" she informs me, I grab my purse, smooth my dress and slip on my white toms. She eyes my flat shoes but doesn't comment.

Niall is waiting out front of the building, rock music blaring out of the rolled down windows. I can't help but glance around to see everyone staring. I keep my head down and just as I look up, I see Harry lean up in the front seat. He must have been bending down. Ugh.

"Ladies." Niall greets us and Harry shoots me a glare as I climb in behind Steph, getting stuck sitting behind Harry.

"You do know that we are going to a party not a church right Theresa?" Harry says with a smirk.

"Do not call me Theresa please. I prefer Tessa," I warn him, how does he even know my name is Theresa? I hate being called Theresa.

"Sure thing Theresa," he says and I roll my eyes. I will not banter back and forth with him, he is not worth my time.  

After what feels like ages we finally pull up to a huge two story house with overgrown vines sprawling up the side. THETA XI is painted in black letters on the massive house. It looks like something from a movie.

"It's so big, how many people will be here?" I gulp. The lawn is full of people holding red cups, I am way out my league here.

"A full house, hurry up," Harry says and gets out of the car, slamming the car door behind him.

I watch as multiple people high five and shake Harry's hand. No one else that I see is covered in tattoos like him, Niall and Steph. Maybe I can make some friends here tonight after all.

"Coming?" Steph smiles and I nod as I climb out of the car, making sure to smooth my dress again.

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