Chapter 51.

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I rush out the back door to find Harry. He has knocked over the patio table and is pacing back and forth on the deck with one hand balled into a fist at his side, and the other tugs at his thick hair.

I'm not sure how, or if  I can help the situation at all but I know I would rather be out here with Harry than in the dining room after his outburst. I feel responsible for this whole mess because I agreed to come in the first place when Harry didn't want to, now I see why.

Harry spots me and sends me an annoyed glare and he turns away from me when I approach him.

"Harry," I keep my voice gentle and low.

"Don't, Tessa." He warns. He's always warning me and I'm never listening. "I know what you're going to say. You're going to say that I need to go back in there and apologize to them and there is no way in hell that is happening so don't waste your breath! Why don't you just go back in there and enjoy your dinner and leave me the hell alone," he spits.

"I don't want to go back in there." Is all I can manage to say.

"Why not? You fit in perfectly with their prudish and boring fucking personalities."

Ouch. Why am I here again? Oh yea that's right, to be Harry's punching bag.

"You know what?" I raise my voice. "Fine! I will leave, I don't know why I can't just stop trying with you!" I shout. I hope they can't hear me inside.

"I don't either! You just can't take a hint I guess." As the words leave his mouth, I feel the lump growing in my throat.

"The hint is well taken." I try to swallow the sting from his words but it's nearly impossible. I look up at Harry and his cold eyes meet mine.

"That's it? That's your defense?" He laughs and shakes his hair.

"You don't deserve anymore of my time. You don't deserve for me to even speak to you, or those nice people in there to spend their time setting up this dinner to have you ruin it! That's what you do is ruin things, everything! And I'm done being one of those things." I yell.

Unwelcomed tears soak my face as Harry steps towards me. I back away, my feet disagree and I fumble over them. Harry's hand reaches out to steady me but I grab ahold of the railing instead. I don't want or need his help.

"You're right." he sounds exhausted.


"I know I am." I turn away from him again.

He snakes his hand around my wrist and pulls me to his chest. I lean into him without hesitation, I want to touch him so badly, but I know better. I can hear the heavy thump of my heart, rapid beneath my chest. I wonder if he can hear it, it seems impossible that he doesn't. Can he feel the pounding of my pulse under his grip? His eyes are full of anger and I know mine mirror his.

I have no warning before he crashes his lips down on mine, the force of his mouth is almost painful. His action is so full of desperation and hunger that I am lost. Lost in Harry. Lost in the salty taste of my tears on both of our lips, lost in his fingers threaded through my hair. His hands move from my hair to my waist and he lifts me onto the railing of the deck. My legs part for him and he moves between them, never losing contact with my mouth. We are all heat and gasps, tangled in each other. My teeth graze over his bottom lip causing him to groan and pull me closer until my chest is flush with his.

The back door creaks open, breaking the spell. I'm horrified as Liam's soft eyes meet mine. His cheeks are flushed, and his eyes are wide in surprise. I push Harry away from me and jump down from the rail, adjusting my dress as my feet hit the deck.

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