Chapter 75.

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"What?" I whisper harshly, ignoring his growing smirk.

"I would like to join you." He says. His fingers grip the bottom of his shirt, pulling it over his head and he reaches behind me to turn on the shower.

"We can't just take a shower together, we are at your father's house, and Liam and Danielle could be back anytime." I say. The idea of seeing Harry completely naked under the shower makes me squirm but this is too much.

"Well, I am going to take a nice hot shower while you stand there and overanalyze." His pants are left on the floor, along with his boxers as he steps past me and into the water. I don't realize I am staring until he closes the curtain abruptly, hiding his perfect body that I was in the middle of ogling.

"Don't you just love a hot shower after a long day?" His voice is distorted from the water but I can hear the smug smile his voice.

"I wouldn't know because some rude naked guy stole my shower." I huff and hear him chuckle.

"A sexy rude naked guy?" He teases. "Just come in before the hot water gives away."

"I.." I want to but taking a shower with someone is just so intimate, too intimate.

"Come on, live a little. It's just a shower." He says and opens the curtain. "Please." he reaches his hand out and my eyes scan his long, inked torso, gleaming from the water sliding down his skin.

"Okay." I whisper and undress while he watches every move I make. "Stop staring" I scold him and he pretends to be wounded, placing his hand over his heart.

"Are you questioning my nobility?" He laughs and I nod slowly, trying to fight my smile.

"I am insulted." He reaches his hand out to help me step in with him. I can't believe I am actually doing this, showering with him. I try my best to cover myself with my arms as I wait for him to move from under the water.

"Is it weird that I love how you're still shy around me?" He says, removing my shield. I stay quiet and he gently tugs my arms to bring me under the water. His head dips down, soaking my bare shoulder. 

"I think it's so appealing to me because you are so shy and innocent, yet you let me do dirty things to you." His breath feels hotter than the water against my ear. I blink as his hands travel down my arms slowly, his eyes taking in my naked body.

"And I know for a fact that you like when I say dirty things to you." I gulp and he smiles against my neck.

"See how your pulse quickens.. I can practically see it under your delicate skin." he taps his index finger over the pulse point in my neck. Oh wow. I have no idea how I am standing, my legs have surely turned to mush, along with my brain.

His fingers running over my body make me stop worrying about the fact that we aren't alone in the house, they make me want to be reckless, and let Harry do whatever he wants to me. When his long fingers wrap around my hips, I involuntarily lean into him.

"I love you Tessa, you believe me don't you?" He asks. I nod, wondering why he is asking me this right now, after we have said it so many times in the last twenty-four hours.

"Yes I believe you." My voice is hoarse and I clear my throat.

"Good, I have never loved anyone before." He goes from playful to seductive to serious so fast, I can barely keep up.

"Ever?" I think I already knew this but it feels so different actually having him say the words, especially when we are in the shower together. I thought he would have his head between my legs right now, not expressing his feelings.

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