Chapter 87.

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Harry notices Jace the same time that I do and he turns around to look at me then back at Jace. He tenses immediately. Jace's face holds a mischievous smile and it gives me the creeps.

"Didn't think I'd see you two here, since you couldn't make it to the docks and all." He says to Harry when we reach the top of the stairs.

"Yea, we were just coming here.." Harry begins.

"Oh, I get why you were coming here." Jace smiles and pats Harry on his shoulder.

I cringe as his brown eyes move to me.

"It's definitely a pleasure to see you again Tessa." He says coolly.

I glance at Harry but he is too focused on Jace to notice.

"Yea, you too." I manage to say.

"Good thing you didn't come to the docks anyway, cops came and broke up our party so we moved it here." He informs us. That means his slimy friends Harry spoke of earlier are here somewhere.

I wish we would have just stayed at my dorm. By the look in Harry's eyes I can tell he wishes the same.

"That sucks man." Harry says to him and continues to walk down the hall.

"You two should come down and have a drink with us." Jace says, grabbing Harry's arm.

"She doesn't drink." Harry huffs. Annoyance clear in his voice.

"Oh, well you should still come have some fun. I insist." He says to Harry. Harry's annoyance seems to encourage Jace even more.

Harry looks at me and I try silently say "No!!!" But he nods at Jace. What the hell?

"I'll come down in a minute, let me get her.. settled in." Harry mumbles and pulls me by my wrist to his room before Jace can say anything.

Harry unlocks his door and hurries me inside.

"I don't want to go down there." I tell him as he sits my bag down.

"You're not."

"You are?" I ask him.

"Yea, just for a minute. I won't be long." He rubs the back of his neck with his hand.

"Why didn't you just tell him no?" I ask. Harry seems to be very intimated by Jace for someone who claims they aren't afraid of him.

"I already told you, he is hard to say no to." He says.

"Does he have something over you or something?"

"What?" Harry's face flushes. "No.. he is just a dick. And I don't want any trouble. Especially not around you." He says and steps forward to me.

"I won't be down there long but I know him and if I don't go have a drink with him he will come back up here and I don't want him anywhere near you." He says and kisses me on the cheek.

''Okay." I sigh.

"I need you to stay in here though."

"Okay." I repeat. I don't want to go down there anyway. I hate these parties and I don't want to see Molly if she is here. Now I don't want him to go down there either.

"I mean it. Okay?" He demands in a soft voice.

"I said okay. Just don't leave me up here alone for long." I plea.

"I won't. We should go sign that paperwork tomorrow for the apartment. Right after you get done at Vance. I don't want to worry about this kind of shit again."

"Okay, I can meet you there." I suggest. I don't want to have to deal with these parties and my small dorm anymore, making the reminder of how young we are flash in my mind like a neon sign.

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