Chapter 42.

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After Steph plucks my eyebrows, which hurt worse than I ever imagined, she turns me around and refuses to let me see myself until she is done. I fight the nervous feeling in my stomach as she dusts powder over my face. I remind her over and over not to put too much makeup on me and she promises that she won't. She brushes my hair and curls it before spraying my hair and half of the room with hairspray.

"Makeup and hair are done! Let's get you changed then you can see yourself. I have a few things that will fit you" She is obviously proud of her work on me. I am just hopeful that I don't look like a clown. I follow her to the closet and try to sneak a peek in her small mirror but she yanks me away.

"Here, put this on" She says and pulls a black dress off of the hanger.

"Out, you!" She tells Tristan and he laughs but graciously leaves the room.

"I can't wear this!" I tell her. The dress is strapless and looks incredibly short.

"Fine.. how about this one?" She pulls another black dress out. She must have at least ten. This one looks longer than the last, and has two thick straps. The neckline worries me because it is in the shape of a heart and my bust isn't small like hers. I look it over again and she sighs.

"Just try it, please?"

I oblige and take my comfortable pajamas off and fold them into a neat pile. She rolls her eyes at me playfully and I smile while stepping into the dress. I pull it up my body and it feels a little snug before it is even zipped. Steph and I aren't that much different in size but she is taller and I am curvier.  The material has a slight shine to it and feels silky. The bottom of the dress reaches half way down my thigh. It isn't as short as I thought it would be, but it is shorter than anything I would ever wear. I feel almost naked with my legs this exposed. My fingers tug at the material to try to pull it down a little.

"Do you want some tights?" She asks and I nod.

"Yea, I just feel so..naked" I laugh. She digs in her drawer and pulls out two different black tights.

"These are plain black, and these have a lace print" she explains and I reach for the plain pair. Lace tights are just too much for me especially given the fact that I probably have ten pounds of makeup on. I slide the tights on my legs while Steph digs through her closet for shoes.

"I can't wear heels" I remind her. I literally can't, I waddle like an injured penguin in them.

"Well, I have low heels or wedges. Tessa, I am sorry but your Toms just won't work with this dress" She says and I scowl at her. I am perfectly fine wearing toms everyday. She pulls out a pair of black heels with silver beading on the front and I have to admit they catch my eye. I could never wear them but for once I wish I could.

"You like these?" She asks and I nod.

"Yea, but I can't pull them off" I tell her and she frowns.

"Yes you can, they strap around your ankle to prevent you from falling"

"Is that what the strap is actually for?" I ask and she laughs.

"No, but it helps with that" she laughs again. "Just try them" she begs and I sit on the bed and stretch my leg out gesturing for her to put them on me.

She helps me stand up and I take a few steps. The straps really do help keep my balance. I am face to face with Steph now, while she is barefoot of course.

"I can't wait any longer! Look at yourself" she smiles and opens the other closet door. I look in the full body mirror and gasp. Who the heck is that? My reflection looks just like me, but a lot better. I was afraid she would go overboard on my makeup but she didn't. My gray eyes look lighter against the chestnut eye shadow and the pink blush on my cheeks makes my cheekbones more prominent. My hair looks shiny and is curled into big waves, not the small stringy curls I was expecting.

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