Chapter 52.

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Harry's lips mold to mine and my hands travel up his back. His narrow hips grind down on mine and a whimper escapes my lips.  He swallows my gasps as his lips trace mine, movement for movement.

"Oh, Tessa the things you do to me.. the way you make me feel," he whispers into my mouth. His words unravel me and I reach for the hem of his shirt. His hand travels down from my cheek, to my chest, and down my stomach. The thick fabric of my dress concealing the goose bumps forming on my skin. His hand moves to the small space between our bodies where my legs are parted and I gasp as he rubs gently over the lace of my tights. He applies a little more pressure and I groan and arch my back off the bench.

No matter how angry or upset he makes me, one touch from him and I am under his control. Control that at the moment seems to be faltering. He is trying to hold onto it but I can see it crumbling. He brushes his nose against my cheek as I pull his shirt up and over his head, it strains to get over his hair but he reaches one hand up and tugs it as he lifts off of me. He tosses the shirt and immediately dips his head  down and finds my lips once more. Feeling need and impatient, I grab his hand and move it back between my thighs, a small chuckle vibrates through him and he looks down at me.

"What do you want to do, Tessa?" his voice is hoarse.

"Anything," I tell him, meaning the word. I'll do anything with him, let him do anything to me, and I don't care about the consequences that are bound to come tomorrow. He said he wants me, and I am his to take, I have been since the first time I pressed my lips to his.

"Don't say anything, because there are a lot of fucking things I can and want to do to you," he groans and pushes his thumb against my tights and panties. My imagination runs wild with the different things he could do to me,

"You decide," I moan as he moves his thumb in a circle. I don't have any suggestions, I just want him to keep touching me this way.

"You're so wet for me, I can feel you through the tights," his tongue runs over his lips, wetting them and I moan again. 'Let's get these tights off, okay?"

Before I can respond he moves off of me. His hands slide up my dress and grip the waistband of my  tights, pulling them down along my thighs. The cool air hits me and I buck my hips involuntarily.

"Fuck, you're fucking soaking," he mutters as his eyes rake my body and stop between my legs. Unable to stop himself it seems, he slides his finger down my folds to collect the moisture. He brings his finger to his lips and he sucks on it with hooded eyes.  I've never witnessed something so erotic in my entire life. Watching him suck his finger sends heat through my whole body.

"Remember when I said I wanted to taste you?" he asks and I nod. "Well, I want to now. Okay?"  His expression is eager. I am a little embarrassed by the idea but if it feels as good as him rubbing me at the stream, I want him to. He licks his lips again and keeps his eyes at a steady gaze into mine. The last time I was going to let him do this, we ended up fighting because he was being cruel. I hope he doesn't ruin it again.

"Do you want me to?" He asks and I groan.

"Please don't make me say it" I beg. He brings his hand back down to me and runs his fingers along my hips in wide circles.

"I won't." he promises. I am relieved, I nod my head and he lets out a breath.

"We should move to the bed so you have more room" he suggests and reaches for my hand. I pull my dress down once I stand up and he smirks at me. He walks to the side of the bay window and pulls a string, setting free thick blue curtains, making the room much darker.

"Take it off" he demands quietly and I do as I am told. The dress pools at my feet and I am left in just my bra. My bra is plain white, with a small bow on the dip between the cups. I need to invest in some new undergarments if Harry is going to keep seeing me in them. His eyes go wide and loiter on my chest, and he reaches out and brings the small bow between his long fingers.

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