Chapter 84.

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By the time we both take a shower and lay back in bed it is almost four in the morning.

"I have to be up in an hour." I groan against his chest.

"You could sleep until seven thirty and still make it on time." He reminds me. The idea doesn't sound appealing to have to rush around but I do need the sleep. I am thankful I took a nap earlier so I hopefully won't be dead on my feet during my first day of actually working at Vance.

"Mhmm.." I mumble against his skin.

"I'll fix your alarm." He says and I drift off.

My eyes are burning from lack of sleep as I try to curl my unruly hair. I line my watery eyes with brown eyeliner and put on my new ruby dress. The neckline is square and just low enough to accentuate my bust. The hem ends just above my knees and the small brown belt across my waist gives the illusion that I took longer to get ready than I actually did. I consider putting on a little blush but thanks to my night with Harry, my cheeks are still glowing. I slip my feet into my new shoes and walk over to the mirror. The dress is quite flattering and I look better than I deserve. I glance over at Harry wrapped in the blanket on my tiny bed, his feet dangling off the edge and smile. I wait until the very last minute to wake him, I consider not waking him at all but I am selfish and want to kiss him goodbye. I slip on my jacket and grab my purse.

"I have to leave." I say and gently shake his shoulder.

"I love you." He mumbles and puckers his lips without opening his eyes.

"Are you going to class?" I ask after I kiss him.

"Nope." He says and rolls back over.

I place another kiss on his shoulder and grab my things. I want to crawl back in bed with him so badly. Maybe living with him wouldn't be so bad, we spend almost every night together anyway. I shake the thought from my head. It's a bad idea, it's too soon. Too soon. I spend the entire drive imagining getting an apartment with Harry, picking out curtains and painting walls.

When the elevator reaches the third floor a young man steps on  with me. He is wearing a dark navy  suit and smells like soap.

"What floor?" I ask him.

"Top please." He says. I was already going to the top anyway so I lean back against the wall of the elevator.

"Are you new here?" He asks. His eyes are a crispy blue which is a strange contrast to his dark hair.

"I'm just an intern." I tell him.

"Just an intern?" He laughs.

"I mean, I am an intern not an actual employee." I correct myself nervously.

"I started as an intern a few years ago and was hired on full time. Do you go to WSU?"

"Yea, did you?"

"Yep, just graduated last year. Glad that is over with." He chuckles. "You'll like it here."

"Thanks, I already love it." I tell him as we step off the elevator.

"I never caught your name." He says as I turn the corner.

"Tessa, Tessa Young." I call and he smiles and gives me a small wave.

The same woman from yesterday is at the desk and she introduces herself as Kimberly.  She smiles, wishes me good luck and gestures towards a table full of food and coffee. I smile and thank her, grabbing sprinkled donut and a cup of coffee before I head back to my office.  I find a thick folder on my desk with a note from Mr. Vance telling me to begin my first manuscript and good luck. I love the freedom of this internship, I can't believe my luck.  Digging into my donut I pluck the note off the folder and get to work.

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