Chapter 7.

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Harry has already disappeared into the house and I hope I don't see him again for the rest of the night, looking at the amount of people here I probably won't. I follow Steph and Niall into the crowded house and someone hands me a red cup. I try to say no thank you but they are already gone so I sit the cup on the counter and continue to walk through the house. We reach a group of people who I automattaclly assume are Steph's friends. They are all tattooed like her, they are sitting in a row on the couch and of course Harry is sitting on the right arm of the couch. I avoid looking at him as Steph introduces me to the group.

"This is Tessa, my roommate. She just got here yesterday so I figured I would show her a good time for her first weekend at WSU." She tells them.

One by one they nod or smile at me. They are all so friendly, except Harry of course. A handsome boy with olive toned skin reaches out his hand and shakes mine. His hands are a little cold from the red cup in his hands but his smile is warm. I think I spot a tongue piercing but I am not sure.

"I'm Zayn, what are you studying?" He asks me. I notice his eyes take in my outfit and he smiles a little but doesn't say anything.

"I am an English major." I smile proudly. I hear Harry snort but ignore him.

"Awesome, I am undecided." Zayn laughs and I return one.

How can he be undecided in college? I have known I would be an English major since I can remember.

"Do you want a drink?" He asks.

"Oh no, I don't drink." I tell him and he tries to hide his smile.

"Leave it to Steph to bring little miss priss to a frat party." A tiny girl with pink tipped hair says under her breath.

I am going to pretend that I don't hear her so I don't have to think of a comeback. Miss priss? I am in no way "prissy" I have worked and studied hard to get where I am and my mother has worked her entire life to make sure I have a good future.

"I am going to get some air." I say and turn to walk away.

"Do you want me to come?" Steph calls after me.

I shake my head and make my way to the door. I knew I shouldn't have agreed to come to the party. I could be in my pajamas curled up in bed with a novel right now. I could be skyping Noah who I miss terribly, I could be doing anything and it would be better than sitting outside this dreadful party with a bunch of drunken idiots. I decide to text Noah.

*I miss you. College isn't so fun so far* I send and sit on the stone wall waiting for his reply. A group of drunk girls walk by giggling and stumbling over their own feet. How obnoxious. Hopefully this isn't how everyone in college is.

*Why not? I miss you too tess. I wish I was there with you* I smile at his words.

"Shit sorry!" A male voice says and a second later I feel the cold liquid soak the front of my dress. The guy stumbles and pulls himself up.

"My bad, really." He mumbles and sits down.

This party could not get any worse. My dress is soaked with god knows what type of alcohol and I have nothing to change into. Sighing, I pick up my phone and walk inside to find a bathroom. I push my way through the crowded hall and try to open every door on the way, none of them will budge. I don't even want to think about what people are doing in the rooms. I make my way upstairs and continue my hunt for a bathroom. Finally, one of the doors opens, unfortunately it is not a bathroom, its a bedroom and even more unfortunate for me, Harry is laying across the bed with the pink haired girl straddling him.

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