Chapter 45.

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I take out my notes and textbooks and dive into my studies. I am working on next weeks assignments, I like to stay ahead one week at least so there is no chance I fall behind. I still can't believe that Harry dropped Literature just so he doesn't have to see me. I should have asked him about that but I was too flustered and annoyed to think about it. Nothing that he does makes any type of sense to me, he drops a class to avoid me then practically forces me to let him drive me home? He gives me a headache. I know I am not paying attention to the essay I am supposed to be writing, I might as well find a movie and lay in bed until I fall asleep. It has only been two hours since I got off the phone with Noah, it seems like four.

I decide on watching a romance movie about a woman who loses her memory, despite the fact that I have seen it numerous times. Less than ten minutes into the movie I hear someone cursing outside in the hall. I turn the volume up on my laptop but ignore it. It's Friday so I know there will be drunk people all over the dorms tonight. A few minutes later I hear the cursing again, it's a male voice then a female joins in. The male voice shouts louder and I recognize the accent. It's Harry. I jump off my bed and swing open the door to find him sitting on the floor with his back against the wall outside my room. An angry girl with bleach blonde hair is standing over him scowling at him with her hands on her hips.

"Harry?" I say and he looks up. A huge grins slides over his face.

"Theresa?' He says and begins to stand.

"Can you please tell your boyfriend to get away from my door, he spilled vodka all over the floor and I will have to clean it up!" She yells and I look at Harry.

"He's not my.." I start to say but Harry grabs my hand and pulls me towards my door.

"Sorry for the spill" he says and rolls his eyes at the blonde. She huffs and storms into her room.

"What are you doing here Harry?" I ask him. He tries to walk past me and into my room but I block the entrance.

"Why can't I come in Tessa? I will be nice to your grandpa" he laughs and I roll my eyes. I know he is making fun of Noah.

"He isn't here"

"Why not? Okay so let me in" he slurs.

"No, are you drunk?" My eyes scan his face. His eyes are red and his smirk gives it all away. He takes his lip in between his teeth and puts his hands into his pockets.

"I thought you didn't drink, now you have been drinking a lot"

"It's only been twice, chill out" he says and pushes past me. "So why didn't Noah come" he sits down on my bed.

"I don't know" I lie and he laughs.

"Sure. The gap probably had a sale on cardigans so he cancelled on you" he laughs and I can't help but join him.

"So where is Molly? At a skanks-r-us sale?" I laugh and Harry stops for a second and then laughs harder.

"That was a terrible attempt at a comeback Theresa" he jokes and I kick my foot at him.

"Either way, you can't stay here. Noah and I are back together, officially"

I notice his smile fade and he rubs his hands against his knees. "Nice pajamas" he says and I look down. Why is he trying to be so playful? We haven't resolved anything and the last time I checked we were both staying away from each other.

"Harry, you have to go"

"Let me guess, one of Noah's conditions was that you have to stay away from me?" His tone is more serious now.

"Yea, and the last time I checked you and I weren't friends or even speaking. Why did you drop Literature and why did you hit Liam?"

"Why do you always ask so many questions?" He whines. "I don't want to talk about any of that! What were you and your cool pajamas doing before I came and why is your light off?" he smiles. Harry is much more playful when he has been drinking but I am beginning to wonder why he keeps drinking when he didn't before.

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