Chapter 69.

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I follow Liam to the stadium, I decided earlier to drive on my own so I could leave when I wanted without disrupting Liam and Danielle's night. I park my car in the spot next to Liam and text Zayn to tell him that I have arrived. He tells me to meet him at the far left corner of the field.

"Zayn is going to meet us in the back." I tell Liam as him and Danielle walk up.

"Sounds good." Liam says, he seems less than thrilled.

"Who's Zayn?" Danielle asks.

"He's my.. friend. " He is just my friend.

"Harry is your boyfriend right?" She asks. I look over at her. She doesn't seem to be implying anything, she just seems confused.

"No babe, neither of them are her boyfriend." Liam laughs.

"It's not as bad as it sounds." I laugh too. The school band begins to play and the field becomes more and more crowded, I am relieved when I spot Zayn leaving against the fence.

"Oh." Danielle squeaks. I can't tell if she surprised by his tattoos and piercings or his good looks, maybe both.

"Hey beautiful." Zayn beams and hugs me. I smile at him, returning the hug.

"I'm Zayn, it's nice to meet you both." He nods towards Liam and Danielle. I know he has met Liam before but he is just trying to be polite.

"Have you been here long?" I ask him.

"Only about ten minutes, there are a lot more people here than I expected." he tells me. Liam leads the way to a less crowded area by the enormous mound of wood and we sit on the ground. Danielle sits between Liam's legs and leans back against his chest. The sun is going down and the breeze is picking up, I should have worn long sleeves. 

"Yea, have you been to one before?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"No, this isn't my typical scene" he laughs. "but I am glad to be here tonight." he adds.

I smile at his compliment and someone begins to speak into a microphone talking about lighting the fire. Less than a minute later, the fire ignites and swallows the mound of wood fiercely. It's actually quite beautiful being this close to the flames.

"So how long are you here?' Zayn asks Danielle.

"Only the weekend, I wish I could be here for the wedding next weekend." she frowns.

"What wedding?" Zayn asks. I look at Liam and he answers.

"My mother's wedding." He tells him.

"Oh.." he seems to be thinking about something.

"What?" I ask him.

"Nothing, I'm just trying to remember who else is going to a wedding next weekend. Oh yea, Harry I think. He was asking us what he should wear to a wedding." he says. My heart stops. "It's probably a different wedding though, right?" He asks. Harry hasn't told any of his friends that his father is the chancellor or that he is marrying Liam's mother.

"No, they are.." Danielle begins.

"I'm sure it's a different wedding" I interrupt her and Liam says something in her ear. Harry was actually considering going to the wedding? Why else would  he ask his friends what he should wear to a wedding?

"I can't imagine Harry at anyone's wedding anyway." Zayn laughs.

"Why not?" My tone is a little harsher than I meant it to be.

"I don't know, because he is Harry. The only way to get him to go to a wedding would be if he knew he could have sex with all the bridesmaids." He says and rolls his eyes.

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