Chapter 59.

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I explain to Liam that Noah and I broke up and that I am not sure what to call my relationship with Harry. I think we are dating, but we haven't exactly discussed the technical terms. He stays quiet during most

"I know I have already warned you, so I wont do it again. But please just be careful with him. I will admit he seems to be infatuated with you, as infatuated as he can be for being him." Liam tells me as we take our seats.

"Thank you." It means a lot to me that despite his dislike of Harry he is doing his best to be understanding and supportive.

As I walk into my third class my Sociology professor waves me over to his podium.

"I just got a call to have you report to the chancellor's office" He tells me. What? Why? For a second I forget that Harry's father is the chancellor. I relax a little but then my nerves take over again. What could he possibly need? I know college doesn't work the same way as high school, but I feel as if I am getting called down to the principles office, only the principle happens to be my.. boyfriends? dad.

"Oh okay." I finally respond.

"We are just going over natural selection, I am sure you already have the assignment completed." he smiles and I nod. I love when professors acknowledge my hard work.

I pull my bag onto my shoulder and make my way across campus to the administration building. It is a far walk and takes me over a half hour to get there. I really need to get a car, this week. I will have to go further away from campus to prevent getting ripped off but I can't go another week without a car. 

I give the secretary at the front desk  my name and she quickly picked up the phone. I can't hear anything except "Dr. Styles." Of course Ken holds a doctorate.

"He is ready for you." She smiles and points to the wooden door across the hall.

Before I can knock, the door creaks open and Ken greets me with a smile. "Tessa, thank you for coming." He says and gestures for me to sit down. He takes a seat in the large swivel chair behind an over sized cherry wood desk. I feel much more intimated by him in this office than I ever did at his home.

"Sorry for calling you out of class, I didn't know how else to reach you and you know Harry can be.. difficult." He says and I laugh.

"It's okay, really. Is something wrong?" I ask nervously.

"No, not at all. I have a few things to discuss with you. I will start with the internship, I talked to my friend at Vance and he would love to meet with you, the sooner the better. If you're free tomorrow that would be best." He says.

"Really!" I shriek, my excitement brings me to my feet. I realize it is awkward that I am standing, so I hastily sit back down. "That is so great, thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!" I tell him. This is such great news, I can't believe he would do this for me.

"It really is my pleasure Tessa. Shall I tell him you will come tomorrow?" He asks. I really don't want to miss any classes but this is worth it and I am ahead anyway.

"Yes, that will be great. Thank you again. Wow." I say and he laughs.

"Now for the second thing, if you say no that is perfectly fine.It is more of a personal request, or favor I suppose. Your internship at Vance will not be effected in any way if you decline." he says and I grow nervous. I nod and he continues. "I am not sure if Harry has told you that Karen and I are to be married next weekend."

"I knew the wedding was coming up." I tell him. I didn't know it was that close. My thoughts travel to when Harry crashed their home and drank almost an entire bottle of scotch.

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