Chapter 77.

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The emptiness that I feel after dropping Harry off is strange in a pathetic way. After the short drive back to my room, I already feel as if I dropped him off hours ago. Steph isn't in the room when I get there but I am glad, I really do need to study and prepare for my first day at Vance tomorrow, I haven't decided what to wear, what to bring, what I am going to say. Taking out my planner, I plan my week by the hour. I am going to wear my new black skirt and a red top and black heels, not too high but higher than I would have considered wearing two months ago. The outfit is very professional but still feminine. I wonder idly if Harry will like the outfit.

To keep my mind off of him I complete all of my assignments that are due this week and then some. By the time I finish, the sun has disappeared from the sky and I am starving. Harry still hasn't text me so I assume he isn't planning on coming over tonight so I grab my purse and head to find something to eat. I remember seeing a Chinese restaurant near the library that I found last week. By the time I find the place it is closed, I look up the closest restaurant to me and find a place called The Ice House. The ice house is small and looks like it's made out of aluminum, but I am hungry and the idea of finding another place to eat makes my stomach rumble even more. The small place is actually packed once I step inside, but to my surprise I find a small table in the back to sit. I ignore the glances of the people inside, they must be wondering why I am here alone but I always eat alone. I am not one of those people that need someone to go with them everywhere they go. I go shopping alone, eat out alone, and I have even been to the movies alone a few times when Noah wasn't able to come. I don't mind being alone, until now. I miss Harry more than I should and it bothers me that he doesn't seem to care to even text me.

While I am waiting on my food, the waitress brings me over a pink drink with a yellow umbrella sticking out of the top. "Oh, I didn't order this." I tell her but she sits it down in front of me anyway.

"He did." She smiles and tilts her head towards the bar area. I immediately hope that it is Harry, but it's not. Zayn gives me a small wave and a dazzling smile from across the tiny room. Niall walks up to behind him and takes the empty bar stool next to him and shoots me a smile as well.

"Oh. Thanks." I tell her. It seems that every place around this campus allows underage drinking, or maybe they only go to the places that do. She assures me that my food will be ready any minute and walks away from my table.

A few moments later, Zayn and Niall pull the chairs out from my table and take a seat. I hope Zayn isn't angry with me for what happened on Friday.

"You're the last person that I expected to see in here, especially on a Sunday." Niall laughs.

"Yea, it was an accident. I was going for Chinese but it was closed." I tell them.

"Have you seen Harry?" Zayn asks with a smile before looking at Niall. Niall makes eye contact with him before looking back at me.

"No, not for a while. You?" I ask them. My nerves are clear in my voice.

"No, not for a few hours but he should be here soon." Niall answers.

"Here?" I squeak. My food arrives but I am no longer hungry. What if Molly is with him? I won't be able to take it, not after the weekend we just had together.

"Yea, we come here a lot. I can call him and see when he will be here?" Zayn suggests but I shake my head.

"No, its fine. I am going to go actually." I look around for my waitress to ask for my check.

"You didn't like the drink?" Zayn asks.

"No, well I didn't try it actually. Thanks for getting it for me, but I should go."

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