Chapter 93.

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When I wake up it takes me a few moments to realize I am still on the couch.

"Harry?" I call out, untangling myself from the blanket and walk to our shared bedroom hoping that he will be in there. The room is empty and there is no answer. Where the hell is he?

I go back to the living room and snatch my phone off the back of the couch. Still no messages from him and it's seven in the morning. I call him but reach his voicemail and hang up. I storm around the kitchen and turn on the coffee pot before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. I am lucky I woke up on time because I fell asleep waiting on Harry last night and didn't set my alarm. I never forget to set an alarm.

"Where are you?" I say aloud and step into the shower.

As I blow dry my hair, I go over the possible explanations for his absence. Last night I thought he just got caught up with his work since he has a lot to make up for or maybe he ran into someone he knew and the time slipped away from him. The most likely explanation is that he went to a party, I somehow know this is what happened. I was worried for  small amount of time, worried that maybe he was in an accident. The thought alone hurts too bad to even entertain. But no matter what excuse or story I conjure up in my mind, I know he is doing something he isn't supposed to. Everything was good between us last night and then he goes and stays out all night?

I put on one of my old black pencil skirts and a soft pink button up shirt, I am in no mood to wear a dress today.

By the time I get to Vance I am infuriated. Who the hell does he think he is to stay out all night without even telling me? Kimberly raises her brow at me when I walk past the donut table without grabbing one but I give her my best fake smile and walk to my office. My morning passes in a daze, I read and reread the same page over and over without comprehending any of the words.

There is  knock on my door and my heart stops. I desperately hope it is Harry regardless of how pissed I am at him. It's Kimberly.

"Do you want to go get lunch with me?" She asks sweetly.

I almost decline her offer but sitting here obsessing over my boyfriends whereabouts is not helping me one bit.

"Sure." I smile.

We walk around the corner to a small cantina style Mexican restaurant. We re both shivering my the time we get inside and she asks to be seated close to a heater. The small table we are given is directly underneath a heater and we both raise our hands in the air to warm up.

"This weather is unforgiving." She rattles.

"I almost forgot how cold the winter is." I tell her. The seasons have blended together, I barely noticed fall slipping away.

"So.. how are things with Mr. Bad Ass?" She asks with a laugh.

The server brings us chips and salsa and my stomach growls. I am not skipping my donut anymore.

"Well.." I debate whether or not to share my personal life with her. I don't have many friends, none really excluding Steph whom I never see anymore. Kimberly is at least ten years older than me and she my have some good insight into the mind of men, something I certainly lack in. I stare at the ceiling covered in strings of beer bottle shaped lights and take  deep breath.

"Well, I am actually not sure how things are at the moment. Yesterday things were fine but then he stayed out last night. All night. It was our second night in the apartment and he just never came home." I explain.

"Wait.. wait.. back up. Okay so you two live together?" She gapes.

"Yea.. as of Tuesday." I try to smile.

"Okay, so then he just didn't come home last night?"

"Nope, he said he had to do some work and go by the library but then he didn't come home."

"And you don't think he's hurt or anything right?"

"No, I really don't." I feel as if I would somehow know if he wasn't okay, like we are tied together in some way that I would immediately feel it if he was hurt.

"He hasn't called?"

"Nope. Or text." I frown.

"I would have his balls if I were you. This is unacceptable." She states.

"Your food will be out shortly." The server tells us and disappears after filling up my water.

"I mean it, you have to make it clear that he can't behave this way otherwise he will keep doing it. The problem with men is that they are creatures of habit and if you let this be his habit, you'll never be able to break it. He needs to know from the start that you won't put up with this shit. He is lucky to have you and he needs to get his shit together." She states.

Something about her pep talk gives me more confidence in my anger. I should be pissed, I should "have his balls" as Kimberly so subtly put it.

"How do I do that?" I ask and she laughs.

"Let him have it. Unless he has a damned good excuse which I am sure he is plotting right now, you let him have it the second he walks through that door. You deserve to be respected and if he isn't resecting you then you need to either make him or kick him to the curb."

"You make it sound so easy." I laugh.

"Oh it's far from easy but it has to be done." She laughs with me.

The rest of our lunch is filled with stories of her college life and how she has had her fare share of terrible relationships. Her blob bob sways back and forth as she shakes her head during almost every story. I find myself laughing so hard I have to dab the corners of my eyes. The food is delicious and I am glad I came out to lunch with her instead of sulking alone in my office.

By the time I leave I have gotten literally no work done so I take the manuscript home with me in hopes to make up for my lack of motivation today.

When I arrive back at the apartment Harry's car isn't in the lot. My anger returns and I call him and cuss him out on his voicemail which surprisingly makes me feel a little better. I make myself a quick dinner and get my things ready for tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday, the wedding is Saturday. What if he doesn't come back before then? He will. Won't he?

I somehow manage to get a good amount of work

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