Chapter 58.

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(For everyone wondering who I picture as Tessa, it's Indiana Evans. What she looks like in Blue Lagoon, not H2o and Noah is Zach Roerig from Vampire Diaries)

After laying in Harry's arms for a few minutes, I begin to think about my agreement to stay with Harry tonight.

"I don't have my books, or a toothbrush. And I haven't taken a shower." I tell him. He sighs and lifts up, unwrapping himself from me.

"We can get your books in the morning before your first class, or we could even go get them now, as long as you come back with me. You promised." He reminds me with a smile. His lips meet my jaw, trialing kisses up and down. His lips on my skin cause my judgment to cloud, he knows exactly what he is doing.

"And what about my shower?" I remind him.

"You can take one here, down the hall."

"In a frat house? Who knows who will come in."

"One, the door locks and two, I would accompany you obviously." he remarks.

I scowl at his tone but decide to ignore it. "Fine. I would like to take a shower now, before it gets too late."

He nods and stands up and reaches for his jeans. I climb off the bed and do the same, leaving my panties off. I don't like the idea of wearing these clothes again tomorrow but since Harry is going to take me by my room in the morning, I will change then.

"No panties?" He smirks and I roll my eyes.

"Do you have shampoo? I don't even have a hairbrush." I am starting to get anxious thinking of all the things that I don't have with me. "And q-tips? Dental floss?" I continue.

"Relax, we have q-tips and floss. We probably even have an extra toothbrush and I know there is a hairbrush or two in there. There are probably even extra panties in every size if you want some." he informs me.

"Panties?" I ask before I realize he means they were left by other girls. "Never mind." I say before he can explain. I hope Harry doesn't have some weird collection of girls panties that he has slept with.

He leads me to the bathroom, I feel more comfortable in here than I imagined, only because I have been in this bathroom quite a few times.

Harry turns on the water and pulls his shirt over his head.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Taking a shower?"

"Oh, I thought I was taking one first."

"You can take one with me." he says casually.

"Uhm.. no! I won't." I laugh. I can't take a shower with him.

"Why no? Ive already see you, you have seen me. What's the big deal?" He groans.

"I don't know.. I just don't want to." I know he has already seen me naked but taking a shower together just seems so intimate. More intimate even than what we just did.

"Fine. You go first then." his voice has a slight edge to it.

I smile sweetly and ignore his sour tone and undress. His eyes scan my body and then look away. My hand reaches behind the curtain to check the temperature of the water and I step in.

Harry stays silent while I wet my hair. Too silent. "Harry?" I call. Did he leave the bathroom?


"I thought maybe you left." I admit. He pulls back the curtain a little and pops his curly head in.

"Nope, still here."

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