Chapter 63.

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"Cool, lets get you a drink." Zayn smiles and walks into the kitchen. I follow behind, mentally psyching myself up so I can get through this party. I wanted to stop over and curse Harry out, tell him to never speak to me again, slap him and rip Molly's pink hair out of her head. However, he would probably find that amusing, so I decide to gulp down the entire cherry vodka sour that Zayn made me and ask for another. Harry has ruined too many of my nights, and I refuse to be that girl.

"Woah, slow down killer. You already drank two!" Zayn laughs as I hold my cup out for another drink within minutes.

"It tastes really good." I laugh and lick the remaining cherry flavoring off my lips.

"Well, lets just take it slow on this one, yea?" he smiles and I agree.

"I think we are about to play another round of truth or dare." He informs me. What is with these adults and their annoying games of truth or dare? I thought people stopped playing those ridiculous games when they were in high school. The pain in my chest returns as my mind goes over all of the things Harry and Molly may have been dared to do.

"What did I miss during the last round?" I ask him with my best flirty smile that I can manage. I probably look insane but he smiles back so it seems to work.

"Just some drunk people sucking face, the usual." he laughs. The lump in my throat rises but I swallow it back down with my drink. I give a fake laugh and continue to drink out of my cup as we make our way back to the couch. Zayn takes a seat on the floor diagonal from Harry and Molly's spot on the couch and I sit down next to him, closer than I usually would but that's the point. Harry's eyes draw to slits but I ignore him. Molly is still perched on his lap like the whore she is, and Steph gives me sympathetic smile and glances towards Harry. The vodka is beginning to take its effect as Niall's turn comes.

"Niall, truth or dare?" Steph asks and Niall smiles.

"Truth." he answers and she rolls her eyes.

"Pussy" she says. Her colorful language never ceases to surprise me. "Is it true that you pissed in Tristan's closet last weekend?" She asks and they all start laughing except me. I have no clue what they are talking about.

"No! I already told you guys that wasn't me!" He groans and everyone continues to laugh. Zayn looks over and winks at me in the middle of his laughter. Geez he is hot. Really hot.

"Tessa, you playing?" Steph asks and I nod. I look up at Harry and he is staring at me. I smile at him and look back at Zayn. The frown on his face takes a little of the pressure off my chest. He should feel as terrible as I do.

"Okay, truth or dare?" Molly asks. Of course she would be the one to ask me.

"Dare." I bravely say. God knows what she will have me do.

"I dare you to kiss Zayn." She says and a few gasps and chuckles are heard.

"We already know how she feels about kissing people, pick something else." Harry says through his teeth.

"Actually, it's fine." He wants to play, we can play.

"I don't think.." Harry starts to say.

"Shut up Harry." Steph says and gives me a knowing smile.

"I can't believe I agreed to kiss Zayn, even though he is one of the most attractive people I have ever seen, I have only really kissed Noah and Harry, Johnny from elementary school doesn't count.

"You sure?" Zayn asks. He is trying to act concerned but I can see the excitement in his perfect features.

"Yea, I am sure." I answer and take another drink before sitting it next to me. Everyone's eyes are on us as Zayn licks his lips and leans in to kiss me. His lips are cold from his drink and I can taste the sweetness of the cherry juice on his tongue. His lips are soft, yet hard against mine and his tongue moves expertly with mine. I feel the heat rising in my stomach, not nearly as hot as with Harry, but it still feels good. Zayn's hands move to my waist and we both move up to our knees.

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