Chapter 32.

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I rush to Noah's car and my phone vibrates with a text from Liam.

"2875 Cornell Rd." The text reads. I type the address into my phone navigation and pull out of the parking lot. It says I will arrive in fifteen minutes. What could be going on there that Liam could possibly need me to come there. Harry and I aren't even on speaking terms. I hope Harry is okay and not hurt. I couldn't make out what the crashing noise was, it sounded like something breaking. I am still as confused when I arrive at the address as I was when I left my room. Noah has called twice but I ignore it, I need the navigation to stay on the screen and honestly, the confused look on his face when I left him there is haunting me.

The houses on the street are all large, they look like mansions.This house in particular is at least three times larger than my mom's house. It's an old fashioned looking brick house, mansion to me, and the yard is sloped, making it appear to be sitting on a hill. Even under the street lights, it is beautiful. It must be Harry's father's house, that is the only conclusion I can come to on why Liam would be there as well.  I take a deep breath and walk up the steps on the sidewalk. When I get to the door I knock hard on the dark mahogany door and it opens within seconds.

"Tessa, thank you for coming. I know you have company. Is Noah with you?" Liam asks and gestures for me to come inside.

"No, he's back at the dorms. What is going on? Where is Harry?"

"He's in the back yard. He is out of control" he sighs.

"And I am here because?" I ask as nicely as I can. What does Harry being out of control have to do with me?

"I don't know, I know you hate him but he is drunk, completely belligerent. He showed up here and opened a bottle of his father's scotch. He drank over half the bottle! And then he started breaking things, all my mother's dishes, a glass cabinet, basically everything he could get his hands on"

"What? Why?" Harry told  me he doesn't drink.

"His dad just told him that he and my mother are getting married" he tells me as if that explains it.

"Okay? So Harry doesn't want them to get married?" I am still confused. Liam leads me through the large kitchen and I gasp as I take in the huge mess Harry has made. There are broken dishes scattered across the floor and a large wooden cabinet knocked onto it's side with the glass panels missing and broken.

"No, It's a long story. Right after his dad told him they left town for the weekend. Thank god they aren't here but I think that's why Harry came here, to confront his dad. He never comes here" he explains and opens the back door. I see a shadow sitting at a small table on the patio. Harry.

"I don't know what you think I can do, but I will try" I tell Liam and he nods.

He leans down and puts his hand on my shoulder. "He was calling out for you" He tells me quietly and my heart stops. I walk towards Harry and he looks up at me. His eyes are blood shot and his hair is hidden under a gray beanie. His eyes go wide then darken and I want to step back. He looks almost scary under the dim patio light.

"How did you get here?" Harry raises his voice and stands up.

"Liam.. he" I answer and wish I wouldn't have told him.

"You fucking called her?" he yells towards Liam and Liam walks back inside, ignoring Harry.

"You leave him alone Harry, he is worried about you" I scold him and he sits back down, gesturing for me to take a seat. I sit across from him and watch as he grabs the nearly empty bottle of dark liquor and puts it to his mouth. I watch his adam's apple move as he gulps it down. When he is finished the bottle slams down onto the glass of the patio table and it makes me jump. I am just glad it didn't break.

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