Chapter 92.

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"Too bad we didn't make it to me being able to remove the dress." Harry breathes into my ear as he pushes me further into the bed. As soon as I slid his t-shirt over my head he practically tackled me onto our bed and slid the condom on faster than I thought possible.

"Mhhmm.." Is the only words I can manage to form as he slides in and out of me. This is the first time we are making love that there is no pain, only pleasure.

"God baby.. you feel so good." He groans and rocks his hips against mine.

My nails rake down his bare back and his eyes roll to the back of his head. I love to see him this way, so out of control, so primal. Watching him pushes me to the limit, my toes curl and my legs stiffen as I moan his name repeatedly.

"That's it baby.. come for me. Show me how good.. fuck.. how good I make you feel." He stutters and I feel him twitch inside of me. He finishes a few seconds before me and continues to move until I am turned into a pool of boneless mush. My body is completely relaxed and he collapses on top of me. We lay in silence just enjoying the feeling of being so close to each other, within minutes soft snores fall from Harry's lips.


The next morning I wake up and decide to take another shower just because I can. It is still foreign to be in my own place with my own shower, to make my own coffee in my own kitchen. Sharing all of this with Harry only makes it that much more enjoyable. I decide to wear my navy blue eyelet dress with white heels, I am getting better at wearing them but I still pack my trusty toms in my purse just in case. My hair is curled and pinned back and I even put on a little eye shadow and liner. I am really liking this having my own space thing.

He refuses to wake up when I try to wake him before I leave, only sitting up to kiss me goodbye. I wonder how he manages to work and do all of his schoolwork, I have yet to see him do either. In a brave move, I grab his car keys and take his car to Vance. If he is skipping classes, he surely won't miss it. I have to remember to thank Harry for getting an apartment closer to Vance even though he has to drive further to campus now, I can leave later and not have to drive forty minutes which makes my day much better.

When I reach the top floor Kimberly is standing at the table placing donuts in neat rows.

"Woah Tessa! Look at you!" She playfully whistles.

I flush and she laughs. "Navy is definitely your color." She looks me up and down again. I feel slightly self conscious but her smile soothes my thoughts. I have been feeling much more confident and sexy lately, thanks to Harry.

"Thank you." I smile back and grab a donut and a cup of coffee. The phone rings on her desk and she rushes over to answer it.

When I get to my office I have an email from Christian Vance telling me how excellent my notes were on the first manuscript and looks forward to the next one. I dive right in and get to work.

"Anything good?" Harry's voice startles me out of my work.

"It must be since you didn't seem to notice my arrival." He smiles.

He looks incredible. His hair is pushed up in the front as always but the sides are flatter than usual, and he has a plain white V-neck on. The shirt is tighter than usual making his tattoos even more visible underneath. He is so incredibly hot, and all mine.

"So how was the drive?" He asks with a smirk.

"Really nice." I giggle.

"So you think you can just take my car without my permission?" His voice is low and I can't tell if he is joking.

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