Wolfdog by KayleeU77 and Tortoise_girl

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What happens when a girl gets captured on her first shift? What happens when the family that takes her in has more than she expected? Will she stay their pet dog forever or will she finally come out and claim what is hers?Cover by Funnyfia2

Annie's Thoughts:

This one was pretty good and not one like I'm used to. Usually, I see the girl being the human one and the boy being the wolf but this just makes it a unique story. It's also a collaboration between two authors so it started out a little rocky but could be changed and fixed later on when they feel like it. I enjoy collabs so don't knock em. Eventually, I might put up a collab of a different sort as my pin name Annie Angel.

Chapters: 21

Author's Names: KayleeU77 and Tortoise_girl

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