Amongst Us

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Orphaned at 16, parents gone brother hates her and the pack members detest her, can Angelica make things right or does she push the only people she cares for away? Will anyone learn the whole truth before it's too late? Duke Connell, alpha of the black moon pack. Has Duke's mysterious past finally caught up to him and is it going to endanger those that he class as his family. What will happen when everything he thought he ever knew turns out to be a big fat lie? All rights reserved ©

Annie's Thoughts:

The abuse in this one is done by everyone in the pack minus the Alpha, even her own brother. I think this story needs a lot of work on it. There are tons of grammar and misspelling, also the fact that they have no terms on how the chapters should go including the paragraphs. I feel this one needs extra attention because it would be a good story if it didn't confuse the readers.

Chapters: 59

Author's Name: childlike_complexion

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