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About Sophia 18 yrs old werewolf, who goes through hell to survive this life. Her dad died when she was 11. It not only the pack but also her own mom to hate her so much that they abuse her anyway they can. it comes to the point where her mom tried to sell her but that didn't work so then her mom tried to have her gang raped. so then she tells her guidance counselor at school about everything and her mom sends her off to the mental hospital. after 1 year of torture of getting electric shocks she finally decides to make a run for it. when she runs she runs into Matt who takes her under his wings and help her grow into the woman she should have became. and this new school she meets her mate. Now what?will her mom find her?read to find out. this book is mine meaning its copyright so please do not copy. the abuse that she has suffered is based from personal exprince. so yes its almost a true story.ok people I suck at summary so please read it.

Annie's Thoughts:

This story's abuse is done up by mother, pack and eventually mates. Yeah, not going to elaborate the mates part since you will find out when you read it. Just glad it was taken care of in the end and she ends up being found by a loved one. There is a sequel but only just started.


Author's Name: cuteparry

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