Runt (Completed & Editing)

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It's hard being the smallest. It's even harder when you're a werewolf.18 year old Nova Daniels is a werewolf. She knows that much. What she doesn't know is why she hasn't shifted like the rest of the wolves in the pack. Outcasted by the pack and her only brother, she runs away, hoping that anywhere is better than there.20 year old Shane Way is the Alpha of one of the largest and most dangerous packs in the country. Haunted by the shadow of his father, Shane struggles to live up to the high expectations that have been placed before him. When rouges enter the territory and threaten everything that Shane has worked for, he does everything he can to protect it. Especially his mate.The Runt.

Annie's Thought:

The abuse in this one is done by the entire pack and mostly the soon-to-be Alpha because of her inability to shift. Never should anyone do something like this. Just because you see someone who is unable to be like you doesn't give you the right to treat them like they are scum. Everyone isn't going to be a carbon copy of the other so don't think they will be exactly like you. Her mate in this one is bearing his own scars as well so he is in the same book.

Chapters: 32

Author's Name: AurieBrighton

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