Facing Rejection From My Mate {BOOK 1, Werewolf Saga}

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{EDITING}"I reject you. I don't want you, you are not worth it! Keep your mouth shut about this in front of the pack otherwise I will force you to leave and believe me you don't want to be a rogue" He said in a low deadly voice and turned around, leaving me alone in the middle of the forest.Kimberly Wilson faces rejection from her mate, a few months before she was going to shift. She has a few more months before her 16th birthday and she just wants to get away. Her parents hate her and the whole pack abuses her physically as well as verbally.She wants to make Xavier suffer, so on her 16th birthday she decides is the day she will run away.But will she be able to run away or will she decide to stay back and show Xavier that he made a mistake by rejcting her?What happens when a new pack shifts to town and the Alpha starts to show a deep interest in Kimberly? Will she able to resist the dangerous attraction or will she give in? What makes this new Alpha so special and what deep secrets are being hidden from her? And why does he seem to hate Xavier so much? Jaxon Morris, shifts to town hoping to start afresh with his new pack. Being the Alpha at such a young isn't easy, especially when witches want you dead. He is a grave need to find his mate to free himself from the dangerous game being played by other mythical creatures. So, when he sees Kimberly he feels a sudden attraction to her. But she can't be his mate right? Atleast not when she says she already has a mate? And to make matters worse she is in Xavier's pack!What will happen to Kimberly when she will have to make a choice? A choice which will change her life forever!****If anyone wishes to make a cover then please send it to annallizzzi@yahoo.com****

Annie's Thoughts:

The abuse in this one is done by parents, mate and pack unwillingly. You will find out what I mean by they were unwilling minus the certain few factors in this story. The thing about this story is that there are a lot of plot holes in it so she will have to fix it. Other than that and a little bit of description error I think this book was great and was definitely different.

Chapters: 21

Author's Name: XxSaachxX

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