The Beta's Baby Sister

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>>*DISCLAIMER: This story is entirely fiction, this wouldn't happen in reality by any means.*<<Sapphire is the Beta's baby sister. She is 16 while her brother, Jesse, is 18 and going to be Beta once Cameron, the Alpha's son, turns 18 also. Sapphire has been bullied since she turned 10, she didn't know why. Rejection is all she's been faced with, recieveing it from her parents, kids at school, her brother, and the entire pack. Jesse, Cameron, and Sapphire all belong to the Blood Moon Pack, the third largest in the states. What happens when Sapphire is rejected by the one made to love her? She runs and runs until she gets caught passing through the another pack that is a state from her old pack, the White Claw pack, the biggest pack in the states, second in the world. They take her in. When Blood Moon calls White Claw for help years later, is Sapphire ready to go back?

Annie's Thoughts:

This one's abuse is done by family, pack and mate. They all just loved bullying her for no reason in my book. Shameful, if you ask me. The fact that she forgave them is besides me considering they didn't have a reason to do all that they have done. Anyway, the romance from these two is pretty good never the less there is always going to be a few bumps along the road. Read it since it is a good short story.

Chapters: 22

Author's Name: xgirl_gone_badx

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