Deepest Regret (COMPLETE)

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This one doesn't have a summary so you know me, I will write my own.

Maqlynn is an girl that is being abuse in her pack. The only reason why is because she was the only survivor of a rogue attack that took the life of not only her mother but the previous Luna of the pack. Dae is the soon-to-be Alpha of the pack and he hates her with a passion because he believes it was her fault that his mother's dead. The biggest thing is that she also has a brother and father who hate her because of it. They don't think of the fact that she is only a pre-shifter and not able to do anything about protecting anyone. Since she is abused by everyone including her best friend and family she tries to hide all of the anguish they cause inside of her. Then the worst happens, she gets rejected by her mate...Dae, the one who is supposed to love her with everything in him, instead he rejects her for being "weak, fat and ugly". No one cares that they are slowly killing her with their abuse until Dae realizes the best thing for him and everyone is to send her to a special school for black sheep's of packs. They do and she ends up disappearing, no one in her pack can find her. Now years go by and she is back only to help her "pathetic" pack from rogue wolves.

Annie's Thoughts:

This abuse if you cannot tell by my nicely done summary is done by family, pack and mate because of misconceptions about someone's abilities. This story can show how a person can go from being the weakest link of a pack to something unimaginable. She has show her strength to her pack before they sent her away but they chose not to see it. The only thing about this book is the last few chapters mention Dae's mother being "alive" but if you remember from the beginning of the book she died with Maq's mother while they tried to protect her.

Chapters: 29

Author's Name: val15809

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