I'm Back and Different Than Ever

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(Formally know as There Is Nothing I do Better than Sweet Revenge) Meet Lilith Bradford, The pack's punching bag, a loser and hated by everyone even her mother and her mate was the last straw She ran away and promise to never come back, On the run, she met a new pack and her second mate is the alpha of the worlds strongest pack and being accepted by them and just when thing finally falling to pieces, She was forced to train her old pack and meet her old mate How will she deal with things? With her back the whole pack and she is the pack's fighter and not the loser Lilith anymore, Fiercer, Hotter, Stronger and more beautiful and her being the legendary and been train with the Council Will she finally get her revenge back? Will she stay with her mate or the second chance mate?? (Sorry for wrong Grammars!!!)

Annie's Thoughts:

This one is a little fast paced without the action in it. Granted it shows what someone could be like if they leave all of their abusers behind and finds a new life. This story is mostly dialog, just to give you a warning.

Chapters: 22

Author's Name: TheSecretiveAngel

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