my life as Aubrey (currently being edited)

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Aubrey has a bad life at home. Her father beats her and her mother is to busy getting high or drunk to care. When the jerk of her school, Landon, says shes his mate and finds out what Aubrey's home life is like he wants to help her but for some reason Aubrey doesn't want to be saved. Beat by her father and rejected by her mother, is it to late for Aubrey to be saved?When Aubrey's life get's turned upside down does she let Landon in or push him away forever?

Annie's Thoughts:

This one's abuse is done by the parents, father is wolf mother is human. I do not ever condone anyone taking their frustrations out on their children, at all. There's other outputs that don't involve drugs, drinking or violence and these parents do it all. I found meditation when I was younger, as in child age. I have reasons for not liking abusive people and they are because I have been through it. I don't even keep in contact with the people who abused me since I think it is pointless. They are the cause of my father's death so I don't associate with them. This story does need editing but I will admit not much is to be cleaned up. It is a great story.

Chapters: 34

Author's Name: Screaming_to_be_heard

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