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The Only One

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What happens when you get rejected by the one that is suppose to love you? What if you are a wolf too? Do you run and hide or do you stand and fight? When Liliafang faces rejection she runs but she can't run forever. Liliafang is forced to go back and face the one who broke her heart. Will he beg forgiveness or just ignore her? Only time can tell.

Annie's Thoughts:

I love this book so much even though I always end up crying in the end. The sad part is that it is really hard to make me cry and my family calls me heartless because I don't cry for sad romances or deaths in a movie unless they relate to me. If I have been through it or seen things like what went on around me in stories or movies that gets the water works to start. I will recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind hero deaths in stories.

Chapters: 21

Author's Name: ilove11candys

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