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Claire, an abused girl living under her abusive guardian.Aaron, a bad boy who disobeys every rule.But when they meet each other, will Aaron change his ways for Claire? And will Claire come out of her shell for Aaron?What exactly is Aaron? And what are the tingles Claire gets when she meets him. Most importantly, what is Claire too?That is something even she doesn't know. A secret so deeply buried that no one ever knows.And a secret that will get discovered.* there will be coarse language in there.(loads.) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. k,now you can read.:3

Annie's Thoughts:

The abuse in this one is done by an uncle and cousin. There should be no reason someone should ever use violence so even what her mate does in this book to Peter can be cruel, don't let your emotions rule you. This one is good even though it still needs some more looking over and to check the rules that go towards writing. Not too many paragraph problems, just mostly description is the thing needing work on otherwise it is a great story. This one is another one marked ongoing so just look for author.

Chapters: 29

Author's Name: beyondtaintedbeliefs

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