<3Unwanted Mate<3

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Tiara is unwanted and hated by everyone in her pack.Though one night while out for a swim. She is rape. And just that night changed her whole world. She later on finds out she's pregnant. She tries hiding her stomach from everyone ,especially her stepfather. Now know and wants her to abort. She fights and runs. Tiara is now safe with a new pack that treats her well and protects her. But what will she do when her old pack ask help from her new one. And who is the father of her child? Drake Jackson his a 29 year old Alpha and his rebellious, you could say bad boy.Bad enough to rape. One night he finds a young girl by a lake. He had trespass to another Alpha domain. But he didn't give a rats. He was drunk and in need. So he took her. He Rape her. He leave her alone. Now the next morning he regrets it. She was his mate. And she could be with his child? But he won't take no responsibility for the child at all. He will reject them both.♡♡♡

Annie's Thoughts:

The abuse in this one is of family and pack. The thing about this book got me wanting to hug her a lot. She went through so much and had to fight for everything only to be taken away. This one is the start of a family series so keep your eyes out for them. I will be reading the whole thing unless the last one isn't finished, but from what I have seen they're all finished but I could be wrong. It's not hard to find these ones on her page considering she put the title in between symbols.

Chapters: 31

Author's Name: Love-Saya-Chan

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