Broken and saved

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Alexis Serenity Day is a seventeen year old were wolf. She has spent her whole life being tormented and abused by others, mainly her father. Her mother ran away when Alexis was young, leaving her mate and daughter behind. As an Omega, Alexis is ignored within the pack, and the torment continues. One day Alexis makes the decision to run away, believing it will make everyone happier. Will she find the love she has lacked, or will she find herself even worse off than she began? Read to find out.

Annie's Thoughts:

This one brought the hardship that she went through out of everyone's screen and made it play like you were watching a movie. I hate what she went through but at least she was saved from all the torture by her mate's love. The one thing about this story that got me giggling was the multiple epilogue's. I think the best one is the last one.

Chapters: 17

Author's Name: hammy1

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