Wolfen Raven

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Morgan is a regular high school student like in most romance novels. And just like in romances, a new kid comes to school and he's amazingly hot and goes after her. Morgan sees him for the first time after a major fight with an old friend. The next time was in the forest, but he was a wolf in one moment and a boy in the next. The actual moment she meets the new kid, Resthres Jamesill a.k.a. Thresh, is at school after her first class. They become instant friends but at the end of the day, they become more then that. They become dependent on each other and are insanely close to stick through tough times that keeps befalling Morgan and her new love's species, which she just might be apart of.(just so you know, i don't update quickly now since i have a lot of pages to type and trying to keep up with that, getting ideas for it, and then school work? Yeaaaaahhh, no. I do need SOME free time.

Annie's Thoughts:

This one makes you wonder at first and start figuring it out as you go along. The only thing I do not get is about her father and his wolf. It's still a good book but lacks a finishing touch which would help with a sequel but the thing is the author believes she will ruin it with one so she has said she will not be writing a sequel.

Chapters: 23

Author's Name: AnimeAlltheway

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