The Last of the Fallen Wolves (Fallen Wolves #1)

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Emilee White has never been accepted. She's always been tortured by her pack. She's a nerd, shy, unattractive and innocent. All Emilee knows is that life can't get any worse. Then she turns sixteen. Emilee is a werewolf. But not just any wolf. She's a Fallen Wolf. The very last in existence. Half werewolf, half angel, Emilee has unimaginable power. When she's rejected by her mate, the new alpha of her pack, she runs away to Shadow Pack. But her troubles aren't over yet. Not when the pack must journey to help Moonrise pack after a rogue attack. Emilee isn't the same shy, unattractive girl she was when she left a year ago. She's got a secret. She's the last Fallen Wolf and she is the only one who can save the wolves. What happens when Emilee is forced to go back to the place she left for a reason. The place filled with the people she hates?Hey check out my other books too and fan me! Also, please comment and vote! I love you my readers! XXOO ---Anya

Annie's Thoughts:

The abuse in this one is pack, family and mate. I can say that people always end up regretting their decisions when they do them, so even if you hate someone for what they have done to you don't believe for one moment that they don't regret it. For this one I can say fallen wolves are actually a great idea, we always end up seeing Hybrids in some of these stories but the most on the Hybrids is vampire and witch, which leaves the Angel factor out. There is a sequel for this one if you cannot tell by the title, but as of yet it isn't completed. Just have some patience and she will eventually keep us updated on that book itself.

Chapters: 16

Author's Name: LoneTiger_Lost

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