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Bullied, Abused, Hated , Rejected... It was how she felt. Everyday. All day. All the time. She turned 16 the golden age for rare wolves. She made her painful shift. Bones breaking painful howling. But no one dare come to help her. No one wanted to be with her or help her. The Black Moon pack all rejected her.Then when the last rejection. The last straw. The last rejection. Ended with a heart wrenching, Soul piercing, eye watering, Brain blowing pain. That caused to give up... Caused her to leave... Leave for good. She makes the change of her life. Thanks to..... Rejection

Annie's Thoughts:

The abuse in this one is from family, pack, crazy stalker and one mate. I really connected with this one considering she ends up being a hybrid in it. The stuff she ends up going through is down right demented and makes people heartless. I enjoyed the fact that she ended up putting multiple epilogues in the story, showing everything that happens after the story. There isn't many author's that do that and it does make some stories great by doing it, like this one.

Chapters: 30

Author's Name: Kiki_fresh_

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