Her Dirty Secret [Down Draft]

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Amethyst Jones has a baby sister named Iris Jones. "Amy" takes care of her sister as best she can, just like a mother would, in the household she is forced to live in. The twist? Her father, or the person she is led to believe is her father, seriously abuses her, mentally and physically. On her seventeenth birthday, she gets another twist. She turns into a sedan-sized wolf, and she never knew what she was until that moment. But she has a little problem, too. A pack of werewolves lives nearby and they find out about her existence. They want her to live with them, with their pack of wolves, but she doesn't want to, can't, for many reasons. See the problem? And her goal in life, for almost a year, had been to find an important person, but she isn't even sure if this person is still alive. What will she decide to do with her life? So many decisions, so little time, as the saying goes. Oh... That's wrong? Too bad. That's Amethyst's version. She will consider one person in this ordeal to be her friend. He's helped her from the beginning. And there is one more twist. You know those cliched werewolf stories where the girl is abused and then she runs away and finds her mate and lives happily ever after? Yeah, there's a twist on that, too. You'll see.

Annie's Thoughts:

This is one of the ones where you want to go into the story and beat the hell out of some people. I'm glad I didn't because they were taken care of. It's a little bit of a seesaw project but for this story it works. She ends up being happy in the end too.

Chapters: 26

Author's Name: Aphrodite041

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