Life full of rejection (Partially Edited) (Watty Awards 2013)

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This is a story about Madison after her parents were murdered she and her brother had to move into the pack house.Madison was beaten by all the member and rejected by everyone except her best friend Blake. One day Blake makes Madison leave because he can't dare see his friend being rejected by her mate.Two years later Madison comes back and everything takes a strange turn.Take this journey with Madison as she faces a life full of rejectionAll rights reserved to Moisa71WARNING: Cliches ahead!!!

Annie's Thoughts:

This one shows a girl who ends up getting abused for no reason at all. To me there is no great reason for abuse in any way but then of course people don't always think the same way. She ends up getting it worse off until she found a way out of it using her own abilities. There is a sequel for this so keep an eye out for it.

Chapters: 22

Author's Name: moisa71

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