One Mate and a Rejection

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Like any other girl in Barbra High, Emerald Carson was deeply head over heels for Jared Thompson, the school's perfect 'it' guy, who also happens to be her two year boyfriend. Who knew the night Jared turned eighteen would be worst night of her life. The day that Jared shifts into a wolf for the first time and determines if she's his mate or not. When he made contact with the waitress and Emerald dropped the plates, they shattered a long with Emerald's heart. So she runs away, mateless and broken. But what happens three weeks later, when she turns eighteen. Shifting into a wolf is a painful process, your mate has to help you or else the chances of survival are low. Emerald finds herself frightened in the forest with no one to help her. And than Blade Russel from the enemy pack steps in to help. Emerald instantly falls for him, he's her mate. But they are enemy's and his pack means a lot more to him than some girl, so he rejects her.And once again, Emerald finds herself mateless and broken.But will Blade resist the pull? How long will it be before he gives out?

Annie's Thoughts:

This book made me so angry about Pack Law, if I ever met someone who created bull shit rules like this I would make him suffer for every single stupid Law that tears apart True Mates. *ranting too much* Ahem, sorry about that. This book is a really good one in my point of view granted it makes you sad at the beginning it has a mostly happy ending.

Chapters: 39

Author's Name: Spongetourbob

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