Chapter 44

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I smiled to the secretary sitting out side of Jim's office. I wiped the smile off my face as soon as I stormed through the door and slammed it. "Is there something you forgot to mention?!" I exclaimed my arms folded tightly across my chest. He looked confused but then a look a realization came across his face. "Did I not tell you? I must have forgotten to mention it." He said nonchalantly. I threw my hands up in exaggeration. "You think?! And now I have her for 2nd block and her husband for 4th!" I shouted. He threw his arms up in defense. "She's one of the best. I can't not hire her based off personal feelings." He tried to explain. "She'll fail me on purpose! She'll make me not graduate!" I threw in. "No she wont. I wont let her." He countered. I groaned. "You've only got two more months. You can do this." He encouraged. I walked back towards the door. "This isn't over Jim." I warned opening his door. "Look forward to it Miss Smith!" I heard him call in amusement before shutting his door. I looked up at the clock on the wall. 9:37am.. Great. I was late for her class. This is starting off just grand. I trudged towards her room. I quickly pulled out my phone and shot Jim a text. 'You made me late for satan's class. Email her and tell her I was with you and it was okay I was late.' I only had to wait a minute or so before my phone vibrated in my hand. 'Sure thing...I'm really sorry I didn't warn you about her coming.' I rolled my eyes. 'Mhm sure. I'm going to class, we will finish this conversation at home.' I answered and placed my phone in my back pocket before reluctantly opening the door and walking in. Ashley looked up and gave me a tight forced smile. "Where have you been Miss Smith?" I smiled back and answered. "Mr. Harring needed to see me. He said he'd email you." She gave a nod and looked back to the class. I rolled my eyes and made my way to the back of the class where Mar was sitting she pulled her bag out of the chair she had saved for me. I sat down with a sigh. I pulled out my notebook and wrote down what she had wrote on the board. She kept on lecturing but I wasn't paying any attention. It was English for crying out loud. It wasn't hard and it was the same every year so I don't see why we have to keep taking it. I flipped a page in my notebook so the page was blank. I wrote a note and held my notebook up a little so Margret could read it. 'THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT LAST 2 MONTHS' it read. Margret read it and silently laughed. I smirked and flipped my paper back over to the notes before Ashley saw. "Is there something funny Miss Smith?" She snapped. I shook my head. "No ma'am! Nothing funny at all! Just enjoying this English lecture!" I replied sarcastically. She narrowed her eyes at me. "See me after class Miss Smith." I grinned. It was great that I could get under her skin so easily. "Yes Ma'am!" I answered cheerfully. She shot me a look and I smiled and looked back down at my paper. I pretended to give notes the whole lecture but I was really just doodling. English is my best class. I don't need the notes and I sure don't need to listen to her trying to tell me how to do the things I already know how to do. The bell rang and the class emptied pretty quickly. Margret looked down at me from where she was standing and packing up her bag. I smirked. "You're so hateful." She said with a smile. I grinned. "Only part of the time." Ashley cleared her throat. "A word..alone Miss Smith." I nodded and got up. "Save me a seat in study hall." I told Margret before waltzing up to Ashley's desk. Margret nodded and walked out of the room. "Did I do something wrong Ma'am?" I asked sweetly. She rolled her eyes. "Our personal life will stay out of this classroom. I don't care what you think about me. But in this school I am your superior and you will treat me like such. Is that understood?" I nodded. "Yes Madame." She glared at me. "Get out of my room." I smiled. "Bye Mrs. Williams." "And don't you forget that." I heard her say under her breath as a warning. I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked out. I walked into study hall with a smile on my face. "Mrs. Williams is being Mrs. Bitch today." I said sitting down beside Margret. Margret laughed. "What's wrong with the princess? She has already forced herself in our lives and now she works with her 'husband' and his friends and teaches us. What else could she want?" Margret asked. I shrugged. "Me gone." Margret rolled her eyes. "I'm not saying I like what Clay has done or the fact that you slept with him, but he tried to tell her how he felt and she wouldn't listen. It's her fault." I shook my head. "She was right though. He does love her enough to stay married to her though. That's why she came back. I'm not saying he doesn't love me, but will I ever be enough?" I asked sadly. Margret wrapped her arm around me. "It'll all work out. I promise. Just think in two months we get to get out of here and go off to college. A fresh start." I nodded. "I suppose."

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