Chapter 24

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I jumped up to answer the door but Clay had already beat me too it. I heard him open the door and gasp "What are you doing here?" I jumped up and went to the door much to Jim's disapproval. Clay heard me come up and turned to face me. "If I asked you to go back in there would you?" I just shook my head and crossed my arms. He just sighed and turned back around to address who I could now see was some blonde. "What do you want Ashley?" Clay demanded. "I just came to see my husband silly!" She purred. I felt my whole world come crashing down around me. I fell back against the wall to keep myself from fainting. Clay turned to look back at me with scared eyes. I turned away from him and headed back to the living room where I grabbed my phone and keys and took off out the back door. I could hear Margret, Jim, and Adam hollering after me, but I didn't stop or turn around. I reached my car and quickly unlocked the door and jumped in. By now Jim, Adam, and Margret were at my car and Clay was running up. I saw him and just shook my head and rolled away. I didn't know where to go so I just drove. I drove around for a while trying to clear my head. I looked around at my surroundings and realized I had pulled into Emily's neighborhood. I stopped in front of her driveway. I got out tears rolling down my face. I walked up to the door but broke down before I could even knock. After a few minutes Emily's dad opened the door. "Emily I'll be back in.." He looked down and say me sitting on the steps. "Elana! Are you okay?" I just shook my head. "Emily!" I heard her dad holler for her. "What da.." She stopped when she saw me. I couldn't look up and her so I just kept my head down. "I got this dad." I heard her say. He touched my shoulder and walked away. "What are you doing here Elana?" I looked up at her for the first time and saw concern in her eyes instead of anger. I just shrugged. "I didn't know where else to go." I whispered. She sighed and sat down beside me and wrapped her arms around me and let me cry into her shoulder. "I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry." I cried into her shoulder. "No. I'm the one who's sorry I shouldn't have acted the way I did or said the things I did." We sat there a while in silence. After a while she pulled me up with her and we went inside the house. "So what happened?" She asked. I shrugged. "He's married." She sat the looking at me shocked. "I should've known. Something bad always comes and ruins everything." "Wow. Sweety I'm sorry!" I just sighed. "So what's been up with you lately?" I asked looking up at her. She just shrugged. "Nothing really. There is something I wanted to tell you though." She didn't get to finish before the door swung open. "Hey babe." Justin appeared in the doorway. I looked at his shocked expression and her face of regret and nervousness. I just scoffed. "Wow. Apparently this day can get worse." I got up. "Great chat." I started for the door. "El wait!" Emily cAlled after me. "I turned to face her. "Yeah...I don't think this is a great idea." I answered and turned and walked out the door. I shook my head as I was walking to my car. "This is great. My life is great." I complained while opening my car door. I got in and sighed. I completely lost it right there in my car. I can't do this! First I find out my whole life is a lie and the guy I'm in love with is married and the girl I used to think of as my Bestfriend is dating my ex! I hit the steering wheel. After a while of crying I made up my mind. I was just going to a hotel. I needed time to thing and be by myself for a while. I wiped my face and put the car in drive and headed off to a hotel

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