Chapter 41

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2 Weeks later at Adam and Margret's party

I stood there in the reception with Matt. I could feel Clay's eyes on me. I looked over at him and he was dancing with Ashley. I looked away and back up at Matt. "Can you excuse me for a minute?" He looked down at me and smiled and nodded. I gave him and fake smile and turned around and walked out of the ballroom. I walked out to the balcony fighting to breathe. "Are you okay?" I heard Clay's voice behind me. I turned and spun around to face him. "Can you please just leave me alone. I'm not okay. I will never be okay! Because you're married, and you chose her! And you're happy with her. And you're watching me. And I'm really trying here. I like Matt, and Matt is a nice guy. And you're looking at me. Stop looking at me. Do you know how hard it is to breathe with you looking at me?" I answered. "Do you think I want to look at you? Don't you think I'd rather be looking at my wife? Do you think I want to be thinking about you and nothing but you all the time? She doesn't drive me crazy, she doesn't make it impossible for me to love her. She doesn't make me sick to my stomach just thinking about anybody else touching her. I'd give anything not to be looking at you."..."You just make me so.." He grabbed me in his arms and planted his lips on mine. I instantly kissed him back. We broke away. He brought his face back to mine and pushed me up against the wall. To his advantage I had a dress on. He slipped his hands under my dress and around my hips picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist.


"So what does this mean?" Clay asked buttoning his pants. I sighed. "It means, yet again, you have a choice to make. But this wont happen again. I wont be the girl you sleep with while you're married to another woman." I said trying to fix my dress. I looked up at him and he was already looking at me. I looked away and walked back inside away from that balcony and the memory of what just happened on that balcony. I walked back into the ballroom and searched for Margret. I finally found her and rushed over to her. "Um..can we go somewhere to talk?" I asked her. She looked worried and nodded and followed me. We walked out into the lobby of the hotel where there were fewer people and it was quieter. I sat down on the couch they had sitting out there and Margret sat beside me. "I slept with Clay." I blurted it out before I had a chance to think about it. She looked shocked then angry. "What do you mean you slept with Clay? When?" I looked down at the ground. "Today....just a few minutes ago." Margret looked shocked. "Excuse me what?" I looked up at her. "He followed me to the balcony....and one thing led to another.." I looked back down and nervously started picking at the seam of my dress. "What does this mean for you two?" She asked. I shrugged. "I don't know. I told him it wouldn't happen again. That I wont be the girl he sleeps with while he's married to another woman." She sighed and stood up pulling me up with her. "Wait. Where are we going?" I asked. "To forget about all of this and have a good time." She answered without even turning around. I followed her back into the ballroom and walked out to the dance floor. We stood in the middle and she let go of my hand and turned to face me with a smile on her face. "Dance it out!" I heard her holler over the roar of people. I smiled and nodded and started dancing and jumping around. Margret saw some of my bad dance moves and bust into laughter. I rolled my eyes and started dancing even worse than before. Margret laughed harder. I grinned and felt a pair of arms wrap around me. "I have been receiving complaints about excessive bad dance moves going on over here." I turned to face my idiot friend. "From who?!" I exclaimed. "Well Me and Adam mostly." He answered before bursting into laughter. "Ha ha ha very funny. Jerk!" I answered. Margret laughed. "Yall are just mean people!" I exclaimed walking off of the dance floor and straight into Clay. I groaned when I realized who I had hit. He looked down and sent me a knowing smile. He bent down and whispered in my ear. "Just so you know. I choose you. I chose wrong the first time, and I choose you. I love you." I looked up at him shocked. "Really?" I asked barely above a whisper. "Really." He answered. He smiled. "I.." I stopped when I saw him look behind me and his face grow hard. "Hey Babe. I was wondering where you went. I internally sighed. I forgot about Matt. Sweet, kind, and caring Matt. I turned around to face him. "Hey." I smiled. "Hey." He returned the smile. He wrapped an arm around me. He bent down to whisper in my ear. "You wanna get out of here?" He asked seductively. I smiled and shrugged his arm off of me. He walked away and I started to follow him, but I couldn't. "Elana." I heard Clay call for me. I looked over at him. "Elana?" I heard Matt call. I looked over at him. He looked at Clay then back at me. I looked back at Clay who looked at me then at Matt. They both looked back at me expectantly. I tried to decide. I can't decide. Not right now. I walked right past Clay and Matt and walked out of the ballroom and into the lobby. I pulled out my cellphone and walked out the front door. "Where is my little sister going already? The night is still young!" I turned to face him tears in my eyes. He looked take aback. "Oh gosh Elana what's wrong?" I wiped my eyes. "Well he finally chose me! He waits til I meet someone to chose me!"

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