Chapter 46

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"Clay." Adam answered. I don't even know what happened. I sprang from my seat and headed for the back, but Matt caught me and held me while I had a mini breakdown. "He has to be alright. Oh my God let him be alright!" I sobbed. I moved out of Matt's arms and turned to Margret and Adam. "Take me to see him." Adam shook his head. "El its bad. You don't need to go back there." My face hardened. I walked towards him until I was right in front of him. "Take Me to see him! Now!" I ordered. Margret got up and wrapped her arm around me and started leading me towards the double doors that led towards the rooms. I heard Adam get up, he followed us along with Matt. We walked back to his room. Jim was already back there. He saw us walk up and he backed away from his bed as we walked in. I walked up to his bed tears streaming down my face. His face was all bloody and bruised. He had a big cut on his forehead that had been stitched up. He had his left leg in a cast and his right arm in a sling. I cautiously brought my hand up to his face. I ran my hand over his cheek and up to his hair. I ran my fingers through his hair. I bent over and rested my head on his. "I'm here baby boy, I'm here." I whispered. Suddenly his blood pressure bottomed out and he started coding. My head shot up. The nurses and doctors rushed in with a crash cart. I was pulled out of the way and we were ushered out into the hallway. Matt tried to comfort me but I found Jim's arms. I buried my face in his chest and cried. "He can't die!" I sobbed. Jim ran his hand over my hair to try and soothe me. "He wont die. He's going to be okay. It's going to be okay." He said in comfort. The doctor came out of his room which made me move out of Jim's arms so I could see the doctor. "The next few hours will be very crucial for him. We will keep a very close eye on him. He has to have surgery. He will have that in the morning. It's not worth the risk of opening him up right now. The surgery can wait, so it will." The doctor said. "What happened? What kind of surgery?" I asked. "Well, we're not really sure what happened. We had a head CT run and it showed nothing. No indicator that some medical issue caused it. We questioned his wife, who was in the car behind him and she said one minute he was driving fine and the next thing she knew his car was wrapped around a telephone pole..we will try and see what we can find out when he regains consciousness, he hasn't been conscious since coming in. Which worries us a little bit. As for the surgery, we are going in to fix his liver laceration. It's a grade 3 which can be fatal if not treated, but we are hopefully going to fix that tomorrow." The doctor explained. I just nodded. The doctor gave a sympathetic smile and walked away. The nurse came out. "Can we see him?" I asked immediately. She nodded before walking back to the nurse station. I practically ran in his room and to his bedside. I grabbed his hand in mine. Adam moved the chair beside his bed so I could sit down. I quickly thanked him but focused my attention back on Clay just as quickly. After a few minutes I glanced over at Jim. "Where is she at?" I asked genuinely curious. "I haven't seen her in a while. She was the one who called me, but she left shortly after I showed up and called Adam and Margret. I scoffed. Figures. I looked down at Clay's hand intertwined with mine. I ran small circles around his hand. "Please. Please wake up." I pleaded. I heard shuffling behind me and glanced up. The room was emptying out. Jim came over and kissed my forehead. "We're gonna let you have some alone time. We'll be right out in the hall if you need anything." I smiled gratefully. Jim turned and walked out with everybody. I turned my attention back to Clay. "I love you. Please wake up sweet boy. Please."  I begged him. I looked up at the monitor and his blood pressure was still low and his heart rate was only 55. "I chose you, I love you. You don't get to die on me. You hear me? You don't get to die and leave me here! I can't live with out you! If you die, I die. So you don't get to die, not today!" I said starting to cry. 

Matt's P.O.V.

"I chose you, I love you. You don't get to die on me. You hear me? You don't get to die and leave me here! I can't live with out you! If you die, I die. So you don't get to die, not today!"  I heard Elana tell Clay. My heart sank. I can't compete with that. She loves him, not me. I sighed. You always fall for the wrong people. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Jim looking at Elana and Clay. "I don't have a chance here. Her heart isn't hers to give away anymore. She loves him in a way she would never love me." I said defeated. "I'm sorry man. I really am. She really struggled with this." Jim said to comfort me. I nodded. I turned to walk away. I walked out to my car and jumped in and sped off. 

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