Chapter 45

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I sighed getting up to answer the knock at the door. Jim was no where to be found so I had to get up. I opened the door and Matt stood there with  goofy grin on his face and a bouquet of daisies in his hand. "For you my dear." He said extending his arm to give them to me. I smiled. "Thank you!" I exclaimed. "Daisies are my favorite!" I beamed smelling them. "Yeah I remember." Matt shrugged. I smiled. "Come in come in!" I ordered opening the door wider so he could come in. He walked in and went over to the couch and plopped down picking up the bowl of popcorn I had sat on the table when I went to answer the door. "Hey! That's mine!" I whined. He shrugged with a smirk. "Oh well! It's mine now!" I sat down. "Share with me!" He chuckled handing the bowl over. I smiled and took a handful of popcorn out of the bowl. Matt grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. He stopped on The Big Bang Theory, my favorite show. "Yay my favorite!" I cheered. He laughed. "Mine too!" "It's like the best show ever!" He nodded. "Agreed." I smiled at him and turned back to the show. We watched tv and laughed for a while. The afternoon was great until my phone rang. I answered it and a frantic Margret was on the other end. "Margret slow down. Whats wrong?" I asked her unable to understand her. She was crying and talking so fast you couldn't make out a word she was saying. "Elana you need to get down to the hospital right now!" Was all I made out before she hung up. I looked at Matt with wide eyes before jumping up off the couch and throwing on shoes and grabbing my stuff. "Something is wrong. I have to go to the hospital." I said starting to freak out. "Hey babe calm down. I'll drive you. come on." He tried to comfort me grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. I quickly followed him to his car and jumped in the passenger seat. Matt sped off towards the hospital. We arrived there in 5 minutes. I jumped out of the car and ran into the front door. I saw Margret and Adam. Mar was pacing while Adam sat there with his head in his hands, I could tell he was crying. "What's going on? What happened!" Margret looked up at me coming out of her trance. "There was an accident." Was all she got out before bursting into tears. My whole world stopped. I had to sit down in the chair beside Adam to keep from falling down. I looked up. "Wh..W.." I took a deep breath trying to calm down. "Who was in the accident?" Adam spoke for the first time since I got there. One word. He said one word and it sent my whole world spiraling down. "Clay." 

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