Chapter 7

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The day was going great! I had helped teach in his first 2 classes and gradded papers in his 3rd, well with him everything was fun. He turned everything into a game. I had to go and pretend to be in normal class for 4th period, because that was my normal class. Everything was going perfect until right before lunch. I was sitting there in his 5th block grading papers while he taught when the principle came in with Mrs. Wilson. He came over to Clay and started talking to him and then looked over at me. Clay nodded and turned towards me motioning for me. He turned back to the class to adress them. "Hey guys, I have to go take care of some buisness. I'll be back soon. While im gone Mrs. Wilson will be in here until I get back, continue working on your packet. I'll be back as soon as I can. If Im not back by the time the bell rings have a great weekend guys!" I followed him out into the hall with Mr. Harring, the principle. We walked into his office and he shut the door. "Please, take a seat." I felt a feeling of dread come over me. I knew this would happen. I knew someone would just have to say something. They dont know anything about the situation. Clay is just my friend. Ive known the guy for well over 10 years! Mr. Harring cleared his throat. "Now, Im not accusing yall of anything. I was just told about it, and being the principle I have to investigate it. Now there has been a rumor started about you two. Someone saw you two in the parking lot this morning. They said that yall were in an intimate embrace, and they heard you tell Mr. Williams you love him, Miss Smith, is that true?" I tried to keep myself from laughing out loud. "Oh no Mr. Harring! I did  tell him I loved him, but its not in a romantic way, and he hugged me but he was aggrivating me. We are olf friends, I actually just realized yesterday that this is the same guy I grew up with. He was bestfriends with my brother, Ive known him for well over 10 years!" Clay smiled. "Yeah. I have a girlfriend that I have been with for 1 and a 1/2 now! I didnt even realize who she was until I had her in my class! And shes been with me all day so she can get a feel for the job and observe. She wants to be a teacher, and I figured why not? Shes a senior, and she wants to practice. We have kept it nothing but professional all day. I promise sir." He looked between us and nodded smiling. "I understand. I think you two should be more careful. Ill be keeping an eye on the two of you." I breathed a sigh in relief. "Thank you sir! Are we free to go now?" He looked over at Clay. "You are, but i need to talk to Mr. Williams for a moment." Just then the lunch bell rang. Clay looked up at me. "Will you go tell Mrs. Wilson she can go now? Go grab lunch and Ill meet you after lunch for the last two classes." He winked. I smiled and nodded. 

** Clay's P.O.V.**

Mr. Harring looked at me and sighed. I knew where this was going. I looked down. He already knew the answer to what he was asking, but he spoke anyways. "Clay, is this the same Elana Smith that you've been inlove with for years?" I didnt look up at him, I couldnt. "Yes, but she has no idea. She didnt even recognize me until yesterday. I dont think she remembers." He sighed. "You better hope not. It could get messy if she does.I dont want to see either of you hurt in all this. She doesnt remember me, so I think we're okay for now, but you need to go talk to Tim and Nora to see for sure what she knows and doesnt know. I'd hate for her to find out by one of us. I don't think Adam comes around much anymore. He doesnt blame us, or hate us. Its just to much for him to bare. I just dont understand how they could do that to her, just make her forget everything. I guess its for the best, but i just dont know. I feel bad for her, you know? She's living a lie. She doesnt have hardly any memories from childhood. I mean she has no idea who I am, and she just remembered you yesterday, and she hasnt said one word about Margret, and you know up until that year they were inseperable. They go to the same school, and Elana doesnt remember being friends with her at all, and Margret has to pretend like they never knew each other." A tear rolled down Clay's cheek at the memory of that night. "I know. Right now Im just trying to get to know her again. For the most part shes the same girl, she just has fuzzy memories aout her life before the age of 14. She hasnt lost all of them I dont think. Just most of them. Jim. How am i supposed to be friends with her? After what we did...After what I did? If she knew the truth she would hate me! And that would kill me. I love her Jim, I really do."

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